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After repeated promises to people of faith that his administration would do "everything in its power to protect religious liberty in our land," President Donald Trump has now twice backed away from issuing an Executive Order to meaningfully protect Christians and other faithful citizens against discrimination. Rather than tackle the issue himself, President Trump has instead punted to the Department of Justice where Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been charged with the responsibility of developing rules to protect the religious liberty rights of individuals and groups.

Please take immediate action in support of religious liberty by signing our new petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions today.

The threats to the religious liberty rights of people and groups who believe in traditional marriage, the sanctity of human life and the truth of gender are numerous and severe. Christian colleges and universities risk losing their accreditation for not accepting the LGBT agenda. Faith based adoption agencies have closed because they believe a child deserves a mother and a father. Churches and religious groups are subjected to discrimination by the government for failure to change their beliefs, prevented from receiving grants or government contracts for providing services to people in need. And Christian schools, ministries and charities can be prevented from making hiring decisions consistent with their faith beliefs.

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It is imperative that the religious liberty rights of people and groups who hold traditional viewpoints about marriage, life, gender and human sexuality be protected so that no American is forced by the government to sacrifice their religious beliefs in order to avoid being targeted by the government.

Please sign our Petition to Attorney General Sessions demanding that he draft comprehensive, robust rules that will fully protect the right of people of faith to subscribe to traditional moral principles without risk of governmental retribution.

NOM is working hard to ensure that the Trump Administration delivers on what it has promised – comprehensive legal protections for people of faith to live out the truth of marriage, gender and life in their daily lives and at work. Please sign our petition today.


Brian S Brown

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