NOM Launches Urgent Matching Fund Drive


Dear Marriage Supporter — I'm writing because I'm really concerned about NOM's finances. Our receipts are significantly below expectations so far this year, and our expenses are above what were planned. Unless we can raise $100,000 in funds during the next two weeks, we're going to have to drastically cut our budget.

Will you help us make up the shortfall we are facing by making an urgent financial contribution today?

To encourage you to act right now, I reached out to one of our best supporters to ask for help, and got a commitment that every contribution made to NOM between now and midnight on April 30th will be matched, dollar for dollar up to a total match of $100,000!

This is a tremendous opportunity – please act immediately to help us close this shortfall.

I'll donate $15 today which will be matched, resulting in NOM receiving $30

I'll donate $25 today which will be matched, resulting in NOM receiving $50

I'll donate $50 today which will be matched, resulting in NOM receiving $100

I'll donate $75 today which will be matched, resulting in NOM receiving $150

I'll donate $100 today which will be matched, resulting in NOM receiving $200

I'll donate $250 today which will be matched, resulting in NOM receiving $500

I'll donate $500 or more today which will be matched, resulting in NOM receiving $1,000 or more

Double Your Impact Today!

As you know, NOM has had some tremendous successes and is engaged in a number of critically important projects. Perhaps our biggest accomplishment was to help Justice Neil Gorsuch win confirmation to the US Supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch will hear his first case this week as a Supreme Court Justice, and it is a blockbuster case (Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley) involving state discrimination against churches. He could very well cast the deciding vote.

Another major victory came when we helped persuade the Trump Administration to reverse the illegal, dangerous transgender bathroom rules they had imposed on children in the nation's public schools. We also have filed legal briefs with the US Supreme Court in a case involving that very issue.

We also have been active challenging President Trump to fulfill his repeated campaign promises to people of faith by executing a pending executive order in support of religious liberty. Our video urging him to act has been viewed nearly 10,000 times on You Tube and Facebook.

I hope you followed coverage of our highly successful #FreeSpeechBus tour that recently concluded with a visit to Washington, DC. The bus tour generated a great deal of press coverage that underscored just how extreme our opponents are in attempting to force their gender ideology on society, and the extent to which they will go to squash out anyone who tells the truth that gender is based on biology, not feelings. Our incredible team endured intense protests, vandalism and even violent physical confrontations.

All of these activities, while absolutely necessary and incredibly effective, have exceeded our budget and contributed to the shortfall we are facing. At the same time, our fundraising receipts are down, likely as some people mistakenly think that Donald Trump will take care of things for us and we won't need to be as active as we've been in the past.

Show Your Support Today!

I can tell you that we're in a time of great challenge. We have tremendous opportunities to influence the Trump Administration – and have already won some great victories – but we also need to work tirelessly to hold their feet to the fire.

The next two weeks are critical for NOM. Unless we can raise the $100,000 in funds we are seeking, I will have no choice but to drastically cut back on programs that we're implementing to fight to restore marriage, protect religious liberty, fight for the truth of gender and work to engage and educate our supporters so that we have an even more effective grassroots army that can be deployed in these critical battles.

Please act today with your most generous contribution, which will be matched dollar for dollar. We urgently need your help at this critical time.

Thank you.


Brian S Brown

PS — Every dollar you contribute now will be matched, doubling in effectiveness. Please make your contribution today. It will take only a couple of minutes.

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