Momentum Builds for Religious Liberty


Marriage Supporter, NOM's powerful video urging President Trump to keep his campaign promise to protect and defend religious liberty by signing a pending Executive Order is gaining momentum. Already, thousands of Americans have watched our video and shared it with their friends and contacts. And now other major groups have joined the battle by issuing their own call to action.

We’re gaining momentum in this fight, but much more needs to be done to ensure that President Trump keeps his commitment to protect and defend the religious liberty of people of faith.

I'm asking you to do three quick things to help us today:

  1. Please watch the video yourself.
  2. Send a link by email to all your friends and contacts, and post it on social media, using the buttons below.
  3. Sign our petition urging President Trump to execute the pending Executive Order.

We know that the left, led by LGBT extremists, are ramping up pressure on President Trump to abandon his promises to people of faith. Sadly, we also know that some people in the White House are actively engaged in torpedoing the draft Executive Order. Our video, called 'A Time for Choosing,' is thus quite apt given the situation: President Trump must decide between keeping his word to protect the religious liberty of people of faith – the constituency most responsible for his election – or abandoning us to reward LGBT extremists who have been among his biggest opponents as a candidate and as president, and who have used their political power to run roughshod over Christians and other people of faith.

It's a time for choosing for President Trump. Let's make sure that he hears from every supporter of NOM that we are counting on him to keep his word and protect religious liberty, as he's repeatedly promised to do.

Please act today.


Brian S Brown

PS — Here is a link to our video. Please watch and share it, then sign our petition to President Trump.

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