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Dear Marriage Supporter, as you know, last week the Trump administration acted to reverse the dangerous transgender school bathroom policies put forth under President Obama. This is a tremendous victory for common sense and for protecting our young daughters from having their privacy violated in intimate areas like showers and bathrooms.

Many of you have sent a tweet thanking President Trump for taking this action, which is extremely helpful. But we'd like you to telephone the White House to express your appreciation for President Trump reversing this illegal decree from Obama. The phone number is 202-456-1111.

Predictably, the left and LGBT extremists are attempting to portray the Trump administration's action as an attack on "transgender rights." But there is no right for biological males to use intimate facilities that are reserved for girls. No statute or regulation provides for this. The Obama administration invented this decree out of thin air, and rather than seek a law or issue a regulation that would be subject to public debate and input, they instead issued a "guidance letter" to public schools. Such an action was illegal and beyond the scope of Obama's authority. It was perfectly reasonable for President Trump to rescind the illegal decree and return the issue to local schools and states.

President Trump needs to hear from us that we appreciate his action on this issue. Please call 202-456-1111 to thank him.

Also, when you call, please take note of how the operator describes the nature of your call. We've received some troubling reports that some White House operators are categorizing our calls as supporting "reversal of transgender rights." Someone at the switchboard may have created this description as part of a form to keep track of calls. If this is the description that is given to you, please correct the operator that President Trump's action does not reverse transgender rights but instead protects student privacy in showers, restrooms and locker rooms. Please email me if you hear that the switch board continues to use the wrong description so that we can bring it to the attention of administration officials.

Again, please call the White House today at 202-456-1111 to thank President Trump for protecting the privacy and safety of students by ensuring that school districts may continue to segregate intimate areas like showers and restrooms based on biological sex.


Brian S Brown

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