URGENT: Take An Urgent Stand for Religious Liberty


Marriage Supporter,

As the Trump administration settles into office, now is the time to encourage them to take action on priority issues, and protecting our religious liberty should be near the top of the agenda. Indeed, President Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast last week where he reiterated that he views religious liberty as a fundamental right of all Americans and pledged, "My administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty."

One of the most important things President Trump can do today to support religious liberty is to issue an Executive Order to protect people of faith from discrimination and punishment at the hands of the federal government for living out their beliefs at work and in their daily lives. Under the Obama administration, people of faith, religious groups and faith-based nonprofits have been targeted for persecution simply for remaining true to their beliefs while serving the public. These individuals and groups have been denied federal contracts, lost government funding, been threatened with loss of access to government services and had their tax exempt status threatened. Some individuals have been forced to leave federal employment.

President Trump can reverse Obama's attack on religious liberty by signing an Executive Order immediately. Please sign our petition asking President Trump to act in support of religious liberty by signing the proposed Executive Order that has been prepared for his consideration.

How Mr. Trump acts on the issue of religious liberty will be an important indication as to how he intends to treat the massive block of faith-based voters who are largely responsible for his election in the first instance. Let's do everything we can to encourage President Trump to do the right thing and stand up for religious liberty.

Please sign our petition today.


Brian S Brown

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