URGENT: Tweet For Religious Liberty Today


Marriage Supporter,

Yesterday I wrote to you about an attempt being orchestrated by LGBT extremists and the gay press to manipulate public opinion against a pending Executive Order that will protect the religious liberty of people of faith. The Order was apparently leaked by someone inside the Trump administration with the intention of derailing the Order and currying favor with LGBT groups.

Let's make it clear to President Trump: you were not elected by gay activists, you were elected by people of faith (81% support among evangelicals and 52% among Catholics). Do not throw people of faith under the bus in order to curry favor with LGBT groups and the leftist media.

If you are on Twitter, please click on one of the messages below to send out a Tweet immediately. This is the best way to get your views known and shared, and to bring attention today to this critical issue.

The proposed religious liberty Executive Order would fulfill several specific Trump campaign promises on religious freedom and conscience and make good on his statement made at the National Prayer Breakfast that “my administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty.”

President Trump seems to be focused on fixing the so-called Johnson Amendment that prevents pastors from endorsing candidates and preaching about partisan politics. That's fine as far as it goes, but this is a much smaller concern than protecting actual religious liberty and preventing people from being discriminated against by the government simply because they are pro-marriage, pro-life and live out biblical principles in their daily lives. The Johnson Amendment has never been enforced, not even by President Obama who was openly hostile to religious conservatives, and is far less of a priority.

It would be a tremendous lost opportunity and terribly disappointing outcome to see President Trump ignore the real religious liberty needs of people of faith by expecting us to accept scraps from the table while his LGBT opponents are handed a victory.

Please click one of these tweets to send a message immediately asking President Trump to sign the religious liberty Executive Order in full.

Everyone knows very well by now that President Trump uses Twitter, and we believe this will be an effective way of getting the message through to him that there is widespread support for the order on religious liberty. Compose your own tweets as well, and RT other tweets you see with the #ReligiousLiberty hashtag. For maximum impact, tag @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump, @VP, and @Reince in your messages. And, if you have characters to spare, tag @NOMupdate!

Finally, if you are not a Twitter user, please sign our petition that will be emailed to the White House.

This is a critically important issue. Please act today!


Brian S Brown

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