Fox Doubles Down on Childhood Depravity – Fight Back


Marriage Supporter — The national news media is starting to pick up on our petition demanding that Fox cancel its disgusting new “comedy” show, The Mick. An article by City News Service in Los Angeles notes that the NOM petition has generated thousands of signatures of Americans demanding that the series be cancelled.

Unfortunately, Fox has doubled down on their depraved strategy of sexualizing children in The Mick, and has ordered four new episodes to be produced. The Mick shows a six-year old apparently transgender boy wearing a bondage gag, and also has him wear a dress. The show’s writers script the young boy to say the dress “breezes on my vagina” – a disgusting attempt at sexualized humor involving a child.

We must fight back against this depravity on Fox and deliver thousands more signatures to Fox executives demanding they cancel the show. Please sign our petition today.

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One of the “stars” of the new show, Kaitlin Olson, says she’s excited to be in a comedy that children can watch. This is an indication of how brazen the producers of this show are, actually hoping that children will be exposed to child sexualization and gender confusion as a form of ‘entertainment.’ They are promoting the show online using the hashtag #KidsAreDicks, and produced a trailer for the show loaded with the “f bomb” including one scene where characters shout the epithet at each other six times in six seconds.

This is the type of show that Fox thinks is appropriate for children.

Unless the American people stand up and demand an end to this type of depravity, our culture will only continue to get worse. Please, act today by signing our petition demanding that Fox cancel The Mick.

After you have signed our petition, please forward it to all your family and friends so that they can sign the petition as well. We need thousands more signatures to get the attention of Fox executives and the show’s advertisers.


Brian S Brown

PS — Signing our petition will only take a minute. Please sign today and then forward it to all your friends and contacts to sign as well. You can use the social media buttons below to share the petition.

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