NOM to SCOTUS – Obama Transgender Rules Are Illegal


Marriage Supporter — BREAKING: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has filed an important legal brief with the United States Supreme Court declaring that President Obama lacked the legal authority to order the nation’s schools to open their girls’ restrooms, showers and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex who claim a female “gender identity.” NOM argues that the policy is illegal and must stopped.

Read a copy of our brief here.

One of the critical issues in this case is whether the courts must give deference to directives of a presidential administration when a directive is plainly erroneous, as is the case with the transgender bathroom rules decreed by President Obama’s administration. The Department of Education issued “guidance” to the nation’s schools declaring that a regulation allowing for single-sex intimate facilities actually meant that such facilities were prohibited and, thus, restrooms and other private spaces in schools must be open to the opposite sex if someone “identifies” with that gender. Clearly, the “guidance” decree is based on political ideology, not legal mandate.

NOM is confident that we have a strong position in this case. The US Supreme Court has already put the Obama administration’s illegal rule on hold in order to hear this case, Gloucester County School Board v GG, which arises out of the state of Virginia. Furthermore, there is a strong belief among many that the Trump administration will reverse this “guidance” after it takes office.

Whether it be through the courts, the administration or by act of Congress, NOM is committed to reversing the dangerous gender agenda advanced by Obama and his radical LGBT allies that risks the privacy and security of young girls in school, sacrificing their rights on the altar of political correctness.

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Brian S Brown

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