The world unites for marriage


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I’m writing today from Cape Town, South Africa where we convened a large coalition of allies across the globe to stand for the truth of marriage by launching the Cape Town Declaration which affirms the truth about marriage and to promote and defend the sanctity of society’s most fundamental and essential unit, the marriage-based family.

Please sign the Cape Town Declaration today pledging your own support for marriage and the family.

The Declaration was launched on the International Day of Human Rights, from the cradle of civilization, Africa. The Declaration is the first initiative of the newly formed International Organization for the Family, which will aid its efforts in continue building a global coalition around the defense of the family.

Our goal is to garner two million signatures from citizens around the globe over the coming year. Please add your name to the Declaration.

The Cape Town Declaration affirms that marriage as the union of a man and a woman is the bedrock of civil society, and a foundation not particular to any epoch of history, nor to any one nation, culture, or creed, but a universal institution shared by all mankind, and serving the interests of the whole of humanity. The significance of this global statement of support for marriage cannot be overstated: we see that the distorted views of marriage and family that have grown more prevalent in some nations are being exported through various means – especially corporate and governmental – to nations where marriage continues to be understood as the union of husband and wife. Forcing the agenda of same-sex ‘marriage’ on nations by manipulation of foreign aid or the like is a deplorable practice, and one which signers of the declaration commit themselves to resist. Signers also pledge, though, to work toward recovering the true understanding of marriage in places where governments have erred and imposed an unwanted and unwarranted distortion of marriage upon society.

Please sign the Cape Town Declaration today to show your support for marriage and the natural family.


Brian S Brown

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