It is make or break time


We have just four weeks left in the year to hit our budget, and we are way behind.

We made a big push this week in connection with #GivingTuesday and raised $7,566.00. We are very grateful for those who responded, but we are nowhere close to where we need to be at this point.

Everything that we fight for — marriage, gender, religious liberty – depends on our success in the month of December. We need to raise over half of our online budget this month or we will be in big trouble.

Because of this, a group of donors has banded together to match every contribution we raise, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000.

I know that I can count on you. Let's get this done together and raise $100,000 online this month!


Match my $10

Match my $15

Match my $25

Match my $35

Match my $50

Match my $100

I'm in for more – match that!

I wouldn't ask for your help unless it was essential. The fact that we're behind is deadly serious.

We have so many opportunities ahead of us next year. We must refill the cupboards now so we can take advantage of every opportunity.


Brian S Brown

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