We are Thankful


As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with family today, we want to share with you many of the things for which we are thankful this year.

We're thankful for our families, especially our spouse, children and grandchildren, and grateful to God for blessing us with their lives.

We're thankful for our faith, and for the opportunity we have to speak and live out our beliefs in our daily lives.

We're thankful for our nation – for those who have come before us and fought for our values, many paying the ultimate price; for those who continue to serve in defense of our nation in the military, law enforcement and first responders; for those who serve in government including our elected officials, and we pray that they will remain true to the constitution and be open to correction when they err; and we are thankful to all Americans, especially those who are engaged and vote, and we pray they will continue to be active participants in our democracy and civic life.

And we at NOM are especially thankful for you, our supporters, who have sustained us with your prayers, encouragement, engagement and financial support. You are fighting the good fight; you are running the good race. And you are making a difference.

We pray that you have a restful, healthful, enjoyable and relaxing holiday with your family and loved ones. May God richly bless you on this day, and always.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Brian S Brown

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