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Friday, November 18, 2016

With the election of Donald Trump, the political structure has been turned upside down. The powerful and the politically correct have been upended, and the grassroots and the common man and woman have been elevated. Many things seemingly impossible just a few weeks ago are now suddenly possible.

NOM can play a powerful role in helping make America great again by mobilizing our supporters, expanding our coalition and serving as a voice for the truth of traditional moral values. You see, to a very large degree, making American great again means making American families strong again. It means promoting the truth of marriage. It means helping ensure that children receive the love of their mother and father. It means that the truth of gender be respected, and promoted, not ignored and redefined. It means that religious liberty and the faith-principles that undergird our constitution be restored.

But for us to succeed, we need your help. That's why I am asking you to make a financial contribution to ensure that our work can not only continue, but expand to meet the opportunities and challenges we now face. Will you consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100, $250 or even $500 or more?

If you will contribute to our success, I've got some great news. A group of supporters has come together to match every contribution that NOM receives through the end of the year, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $100,000.

What a great blessing, and the timing couldn't be better! Please act today with a generous contribution which will be immediately matched, doubling the effectiveness of your gift.

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To be successful, NOM must do three things:

  • First, we must speak the truth about issues that impact American families regardless of what the powerful, the elite, the new Trump administration or the media think. We must stand for marriage, religious liberty, children and parental rights, and the truth of gender day in and day out regardless of what the prevailing culture says.
  • Second, we must work with the new administration and Congress to encourage them to pursue sound policies – such as the First Amendment Defense Act – and make sound appointments – most importantly to the US Supreme Court – that are in the best interests of American families.
  • And third, NOM must be willing to hold President Trump accountable for mistakes he makes or poor nominations he may put forward.

The other day NOM took the President-Elect on for his mistaken view that the US Supreme Court's illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling redefining marriage is somehow "settled law." Mr. Trump is dead wrong – the Obergefell decision is not settled law, and our #notsettled campaign is making that point clear.

We don't relish opposing the Trump administration so early in its formation, but we also cannot sit idly by and allow them to misconstrue such an important issue.

Furthermore, the reality is that President-Elect Trump's personal opinion about the marriage ruling pales in comparison to the views of the future Supreme Court nominees he puts forward. Mr. Trump says that Roe should be overturned (we wholeheartedly agree), and the reality is that any justice he appoints who is willing to overturn Roe will also overturn the Obergefell marriage decision because, like Roe, that ruling utterly lacks any constitutional basis.

As you can see, NOM has never had a greater opportunity to influence public policy and make a difference for the American people. But doing so won't be easy. It will take a firm commitment to truth and principle; it will take courage and guts to take on the powerful; and it will take finances to fuel the effort. We need your help now more than ever.

I'm in for $25, which will be matched, doubling to $50

I'm in for $50, which will be matched, doubling to $100

I'm in for $75, which will be matched, doubling to $150

I'm in for $100, which will be matched, doubling to $200

I'm in for $250, which will be matched, doubling to $500

I'm in for more

With great opportunities comes great challenges. We're prepared to put the full resources of our organization behind pushing for nominees to the Supreme Court who are in the mold of Antonin Scalia, to fight for the confirmation of qualified appointees to federal positions who reflect our values, and to advocate for policies that will improve the nation, including those on marriage, gender and religious liberty. But we're also prepared to spare no effort or expense to oppose policies and appointments that run counter to the best interests of the nation.

We're in for an amazing experience. It won't be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is easy. Please stand with us today by making an urgently-needed financial contribution so that we have the resources we need to be successful. Together, we can help make America great again by helping make American families strong again.


Brian S Brown

PS – We are so grateful to the group of donors who have stepped forward to offer to match any contribution we receive through the end of the year. Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity by making a generous contribution today. Thank you.

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