you're not a worthless piece of trash


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This past weekend a top executive at George Mason University called you and all people who agree with NOM, "a worthless piece of trash" simply for believing in the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This university executive, Andrew Bunting, is a senior admissions official with influence over deciding who can attend GMU, which is Virginia's largest taxpayer financed university.

We are not going to sit still and let a taxpayer-funded university insult and discriminate against NOM's supporters, including Christians and people of faith. Please sign our petition today demanding that George Mason University repudiate the statements of this top executive, and remove this individual from any role in determining who is admitted to the university.

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Can you imagine the outcry and the media outrage that would exist if a university official were to call a supporter of the Human Rights Campaign a "worthless piece of trash"?! There would be calls for his immediate dismissal, government investigations into the university would be launched and the left would demand the Justice Department look into whether a hate crime had been committed!

But because this hate speech was directed at supporters of marriage and people of faith, it is being given a pass by the mainstream media, and the university community. GMU's president, Angel Cabrera, hasn't said a word to take back, apologize for or reject this hateful approach.

It's time to let George Mason University know that their hateful attitudes toward NOM's supporters and discrimination against Christians and people of faith who subscribe to a biblical understanding of marriage will not be tolerated.

Please sign our petition today demanding that GMU repudiate these hateful comments and replace the admissions officer responsible for making them.


Public universities should be a place of intellectual honesty and diversity, a place where civil discourse and debate can occur among people with a variety of points of view. There is no place for taxpayer-paid university executives to call social conservatives and people who believe in marriage and religious liberty a "worthless piece of trash." This sort of bias is beyond the pale in a civil society.

Please show your disapproval of this discriminatory, biased attitude toward Christians and NOM supporters by signing our petition demanding that GMU repudiate the comments of its top executive and remove him from any role in determining who will attend the university.

What kind of chance do you think that Christians and other people of faith who support marriage have of attending GMU, or succeeding if they happen to get admitted? The answer is obvious.

Act today to express your disapproval and outrage over the hateful attitudes of George Mason University.


Brian S Brown

PS – After you have signed our petition, please use the buttons below to share it on social media and among your email contacts. GMU needs to hear from supporters of NOM that their bigoted, biased attitudes will not be tolerated. Thank you.

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