defeating obama/clinton gender agenda


In the media frenzy surrounding the latest email scandal announcement, you may have missed word from the US Supreme Court that they have granted review of the G.G. case, giving us the opportunity to defeat the dangerous gender agenda being advanced by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and LGBT extremists.

NOM filed a brief with the Supreme Court asking them to accept the G.G. case, and we are very pleased they agreed to do so. This tremendous victory gives us an incredible opportunity to put an end to attempts by the left to redefine "sex" under federal law to mean "gender identity" and then declare it "discrimination" to prevent someone who "identifies" as the opposite gender from accessing intimate facilities like showers and locker room reserved for that gender.

Please help us capitalize on this tremendous victory in the US Supreme Court by making a financial contribution to allow us to file a ground-breaking, game-changing brief pointing out why President Obama and LGBT extremists must be stopped, and to making sure that our position is adopted as the law of the land by our highest court.

Your immediate gift of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or $500 or more will provide the seed money we need to move forward with the necessary planning, research and development required to make the kind of public and legal stand that must be made to stop this dangerous gender ideology.

Fortunately, a group of fellow NOM members have come together to match dollar-for-dollar anything you give to support our brief before the Supreme Court. Your gift of $35 will result in NOM receiving $70 to undertake work in this critical case. Please act today with your most generous gift, which will double in effectiveness thanks to this matching gift opportunity.

Double the Impact of Your Support!

We believe that we have an excellent opportunity of prevailing in this case, because President Obama has no legal authority to do what he has done, and because the US Supreme Court has already issued an order stopping his policy from going into effect in this very case.

But make no mistake — we are not merely preparing a staid legal argument that will be of interest only to lawyers and those who follow legal procedure. We are working on a compelling, engaging legal presentation supported by a game-changing communications strategy to convince opinion leaders, elected officials and our fellow citizens of the urgency for the Court to act immediately to stop this dangerous gender ideology from being imposed on our children and grandchildren.

But in order for us to be successful, we are turning to our members for the financial help we need. There is a tremendous amount of work necessary to prevail in a case such as this, one of the most important in the country’s history. Please make the most generous financial contribution you can today, which will be matched dollar for dollar.

We are going to spare no expense in preparing the most compelling, clear and convincing argument possible to defeat President Obama and Hillary Clinton from allowing biological males from forcing themselves into girls’ bathrooms, showers and locker rooms in our nation’s public schools.

And if we can stop them from redefining gender when it comes to public education, we can stop them in every other sector of society.

As a member of NOM, please act today with a gift of $25, $50, $75, $100, or $250 or more, which will be matched dollar for dollar. Only you know what amount is right for your family to contribute. Whether you can give $10, $100 or $1,000 or more, please act today so that we can move forward with all the hard work needed to prepare to win this critical case before the US Supreme Court.


Brian S Brown

PS — Our victory in convincing the US Supreme Court to take the G.G. case is a really big deal. Now we have the chance to put an end to the dangerous ideology that men can be women if they "identify" as such, and vice versa. Please make a generous financial contribution as part of this incredible matching gift opportunity so that we can get right to work on our brief and communications planning. Thank you.

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