Big News That Will Boost NOM


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I've got some great news that couldn't come at a better time for NOM: As we enter the most important period of the year, a group of generous donors have stepped forward with an offer to match every contribution we receive, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $100,000!

Will you be one of our supporters who make an immediate financial contribution so that we can begin to tap into the matching funds that have been made available?

Your gift of $25, $35, $50, $100 or even $250 or more will make a tremendous difference to us. Not only will it help us pursue the critical work we have before us, but it will double in effectiveness thanks to the match that has been offered.

Act Today

We are in the most important period of the year for NOM, with only ten weeks left to make a difference this year for marriage, religious liberty, and opposition to the dangerous gender ideology of LGBT extremists and the Obama administration.

  • We're working in Washington, DC to push the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). There will be opportunities this fall where FADA could be advanced through various legislative avenues, and we are preparing for those opportunities.

  • We're urging the US Supreme Court to take up a critical case out of Virginia that will give us the ability to stop President Obama's attempt to force his dangerous gender ideology on our children and grandchildren. Our brief to SCOTUS is being considered right now.

  • We're working to elect key champions for marriage, religious liberty and gender clarity to high office by educating voters in key states about the issues and the candidates. This includes working to keep control of the US Senate and House, and supporting champions in critical state contests.

  • We're working on important educational materials to promote marriage, religious liberty and the reality of gender. Our adversaries are working overtime to redefine these issues, and we're on the front lines battling for the truth.

All of these projects, and the other work that we have underway, are critical to the future of the country. And all of them require resources to pursue.

That's why we're so grateful that a group of donors have offered to match every contribution we receive, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $100,000.

Please make an immediate gift of $25, $35, $50, $100 or even $250 or more, which will double in effectiveness thanks to this matching gift opportunity.

Double Your Donation Today

Your generosity at this time is urgently needed.

Some people make a tremendous sacrifice by carving out $10 from their monthly budget and donating it to NOM. We are so grateful for such a sacrifice. Other supporters have more financial flexibility and can manage a larger donation to support our work.

Whether you are able to donate $10, $100 or $1,000, please act today so that we can begin to access the matching funds that have been made available to us.

We are very grateful for all you've done to support us, and to stand for the truth of marriage, religious liberty and gender. Please act today with an additional show of support, which will be matched dollar for dollar.


Brian S Brown

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