Groundbreaking Study Destroys 'Born That Way' Myth


Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you may recall, I told you recently about a groundbreaking study released a few weeks ago by the independent journal The New Atlantis that completely undercuts the foundation of the LGBT agenda, which has sought to convince people that gays and lesbians are "born that way." The report also explodes the gender ideology movement, showing the falsehood of claims that people can be "trapped in the wrong body" or that gender is somehow different from biological sex and can be changed based on someone's feelings and "identity."

LGBT extremists are in panic mode because they fully realize that if the truth of human sexuality comes to be known and understood by the American people, their political movement will be damaged. They will have a much harder time pushing their ideology on children in the public schools, and it will be much more difficult to convince judges to impose their agenda on the American people.

The LGBT lobby and their allies in the media are hoping that this critical new report will just be ignored, but we are determined to work to publicize it so that the American people can assess the situation for themselves.

We've put together a short video highlighting and summarizing some of the key findings of the report, and I hope you'll take two minutes to watch it now:

If you agree with us that this report needs to be widely disseminated, please share the video with all your friends on social media, and email it to your contacts.

The New Atlantis report was prepared by two of the nation's foremost medical and psychiatric experts and is based on a comprehensive review of hundreds of pieces of scientific literature, including nearly 200 peer-reviewed studies. It finds that there is no scientific basis for the notion that gays and lesbians are ‘born that way' with a fixed, immutable sexual orientation. In fact, the report notes that as many as 80% of male adolescents who claim a gay sexual orientation will change their preference by the time they are into adulthood! Likewise, the report shows that the vast majority of "transgender" children who feel an attachment to the opposite gender grow out of it by the time they become adults.

View the Video Here

The entire LGBT political movement has been built on a false foundation, that those choosing their lifestyle actually have no choice. Yet science is not on their side. There is no evidence that people are born gay or lesbian.

The "born that way" myth has played a huge role in the advance of the LGBT political movement. It's at the root of public empathy for those advocating the redefinition of marriage.

While we have a long fight ahead of us to reverse the Supreme Court's decision on marriage, we still have time to stop the movement to redefine gender, a movement that will have catastrophic consequences for our whole society, but especially for children and adolescents.

The best way to combat a political agenda is to present impartial facts, and that's what is done in The New Atlantis report. The authors are not political people, they are medical experts. Their only concern is for the health of the public, especially vulnerable children. That is our concern as well.

While the media has tried to bury this important study, there has been some decent reporting of it. Below, you'll find some links to stories you can read and share with your family, friends and contacts.

Thank you for your continued support of marriage and for your concern for children. Please share our new video with everyone you can.


Brian S Brown


Media Coverage of The New Atlantis report on Sexuality and Gender:





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