¡Viva La Familia!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I've got some big news that should encourage and inspire you, and which you probably won't hear about in the mainstream media. This Saturday, throughout Mexico, about 100 simultaneous marches will be taking place demanding that the government protect the truth of marriage and gender, and the rights of parents to educate their children. The marches are expected to bring upward of 1 million Mexicans into the streets to stand up for marriage and family!

The marches are being planned and coordinated by the Frente Nacional por la Familia (FNF) one of whose leaders is my friend Rodrigo Ivan Cortez. Rodrigo is pictured below during a recent meeting he had with Pope Francis to inform him about the upcoming rallies.

The FNF has already had a tremendous impact in Mexico. When Mexico's president, Enrico Peña Nieto, attempted earlier this year to impose widespread legal recognition of same-sex unions throughout the country, and well as dangerous ‘gender ideology,' the FNF organized protest rallies across the nation and called for voters to reject the ruling PRI party. PRI subsequently suffered historic losses in local elections.

The marches this weekend are intended to build strong public support for several reforms being advocated by the organizers:

  1. Explicit recognition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman;

  2. Affirmation of the right of children to have a mother and a father;

  3. Rejection of "gender identity" proposals as well as the redefinition of marriage and all other anti-family policy suggestions made by President Peña Nieto.

But this weekend's marches won't be the end of the effort: far from it. A huge national march is scheduled to take place in Mexico City on September 24th, and I'm planning to be there to march alongside our friends in Mexico and show solidarity with their efforts.

We'll have a full report on the success of the marches next week, but you can watch yourself for news on social media under the hashtag #DefendemosLaFamilia.

Please keep the organizers of these historic marches on Saturday in your thoughts and prayers. If you have friends or family living in Mexico, please make sure they are aware of the marches and urge them to participate.


Brian S Brown

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