We exceeded all objectives!


Marriage Supporter — It took a few days to pull all the numbers, but the final accounting on our Summer Membership Drive is complete, and here's the great news:

We raised $57,874.88 during our drive, exceeding our goal of $52,500! Thank you so much!!

And here is some more great news: We had 1,231 people make donations during the Summer Membership Drive, contributing an average of $47 each. This also exceeded our goal of an average of $35!

This fantastic news should really encourage and inspire all of us. Not only has NOM received some much-needed funding during the slowest time of the year for donations, but we showed that the idea that people have given up on marriage is completely false. Our supporters are engaged, active and committed!

Now that Labor Day has passed, the pace of activities will ramp up significantly, and you'll be hearing from us frequently on a number of important matters. But before we transition to all these other priorities, I wanted to make sure that you got the great news that we exceeded our fundraising objectives for the Summer Membership Drive and express my deep thanks to everyone. This was only possible because of the faithful generosity of our donors, and the prayers of our supporters.

Thank you for this great result!


Brian S Brown

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