One more day


Dear Marriage Supporter,

One day. Just one day to go to meet our membership goals. I don't want to wake up tomorrow and see that we have failed. There's too much at stake.

NOM has always been at the vanguard of fighting for the truth that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. We don't care about the odds, we know that it's our God-given duty to stand and fight for this truth in and out of season.  And even when some folks have given up, we've just charged forward more determined.

From defeating Republican candidates who betray marriage to passing laws that stop the next step in the same-marriage agenda—so-called gender identity and "bathroom" bills—we've been your voice.

We can't fail now.

Will you make your membership contribution today?  Let's do this together.

I'm in for $15

I'm in for $35

I'm in for $50

I'm in for $500

I'm in for $1000

I'm in for more.

God bless,

Brian S Brown

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