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Marriage Supporter — We have less than two days left in our Summer Membership Drive, and we're now in the most difficult stretch. Many of our most generous supporters have already contributed. Many others are worried about their first of the month bills, and lots of families have children returning to school. All of this makes finishing our Summer Membership Drive strong a difficult task.

I'm asking you to make a special sacrifice by making a contribution of at least $35 today to support the Summer Membership Drive. Your contribution will help ensure that our critical programs will continue — things like fighting for legal protections for supporters of marriage, highlighting the intolerance of LGBT extremists who insist that every person in the country go along with their agenda, and fighting against President Obama's attempt to redefine gender now that marriage has been redefined in the law.

I hope you will be one of the 160 supporters we need to step up today to help us eliminate our budget deficit with a contribution of at least $35. We're headed into the most important period of the year, and it's critical that we know we will have the resources we need to be successful.

I know it is a real sacrifice for many to give, but I hope you will be able to make that sacrifice. A great deal is riding on the success of this Summer Membership Drive, and with less than two days left, we have to make an all-out push because we are short of our goal. Please help with a contribution of at least $35 right away.


Brian S Brown

PS — It only takes a couple of minutes to make a secure online donation. Please act today.

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