Less Than 72 Hours Left


Marriage Supporter, as you know, the success of NOM's Summer Membership Drive is absolutely critical in the fight for marriage and religious liberty, and the effort to stop Barack Obama's outrageous, illegal attempt to impose his dangerous gender identity ideology on the nation. But I have to tell you, with less than 72 hours left in the membership drive it appears we're going to fall short of our goal.

We need to raise $52,500 to avoid devastating cuts to our programs, and we've only raised $44,124 thus far. That means we have less than three days to raise $8,376 — and I am very concerned.

Show Your Support Today

I am praying that 240 generous supporters will step up with a contribution of at least $35 to make sure that we don't have to exact debilitating cuts to our budget. That means we need 80 new members to give at least $35 today.

Thursday morning, we will run a report to show whether we raised the $2,792 needed today to get back on track. I hope and pray that we will have been successful. It would be awesome to see your name on that report as one of the 80 new member supporters we need to step up today.

The news all across America is full of examples of individuals, churches, small businesses and others who have been sued, fined and otherwise targeted by government for persecution simply because they do not want to personally be involved in something that violates their beliefs. Every major religion on the planet rejects the concept of same-sex 'marriage,' and yet people of faith here in our country are losing their jobs, watching their reputations be ruined and even being put in jail for refusing to go along with the lie of same-sex 'marriage' that the US Supreme Court unleashed on the nation with their illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling a year ago.

It's imperative that Americans of good will who refuse to abandon the truth of marriage — one man, one woman — step up at this critical time to continue the fight for the truth. Please, be one of the 80 generous supporters we need today to contribute at least $35 to help NOM keep up the fight with everything we can muster.

Thank you for everything you've done thus far. I will be enormously grateful if you can take this important action today and make a contribution of at least $35 to help us complete our Summer Membership Drive successfully.


Brian S Brown

PS — It only takes a couple of minutes to make a donation to support our Summer Membership Drive. Please act today.

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