We’ve got to really scramble


Marriage Supporter — We're now in our final push for NOM's 2016 Summer Membership Drive and we really need to scramble to hit our goal or we'll have no choice but to make significant cuts in the fight for marriage and religious liberty as well as opposing the Obama administration's dangerous gender agenda.

Right now we are $15,050 short of our goal and we only have until COB on Friday to raise those funds.

If 430 people step up this week with a contribution of at least $35, we'll hit our goal and significantly advance our strategy. We'll be able to push hard for the First Amendment Defense Act, work with allies in the states to advance legal protections for supporters of marriage, hold large corporations like Target accountable and file legal briefs in the courts to stop Barack Obama from imposing the agenda of LGBT extremists that puts the privacy and safety of girls and women at risk by allowing males into intimate areas reserved for females.

That means we need 86 people in the next 24 hours to make a gift of at least $35. Will you be one of those 86 people to help us today? We really need it.

Donate to Our Summer Membership Drive Today!

Please take a couple of minutes to make a contribution of at least $35 right now while you're thinking about it. We need to stay on track with our critical Summer Membership Drive to make sure we have the resources to continue our critical work.

We can get this done if all of us do our own share. Please act today!


Brian S Brown

PS — I am asking you to be one of the 86 people we're counting on stepping up in the next 24 hours with a gift of at least $35. I know you are a strong supporter of our work and won't want to see us falter. Thank you.

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