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Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, Target stores have felt the pressure brought by NOM and other organizations through boycotts in protest of the ridiculous and dangerous bathroom and changing room policies Target has instituted. These policies allow a biological man to gain access to these intimate facilities normally reserved for women and girls simply because he claims to identify as woman.

The media has tried to soften the impact of these boycotts, but they can't bury the matter altogether—just like they couldn't bury the news earlier in the year of a man arrested at a Target store taking pictures of a woman changing after having gained access to the stall next to her in the changing room by exploiting Target's absurd policy!

Target has now announced they want to "accommodate" people like that poor woman who was victimized by allowing them the option to use a single-occupancy bathroom. You read that right: it's now seen as an "accommodation" to provide people privacy from the opposite sex when using the restroom or undressing.

That's why we're urging our supporters to continue to Say No To Target. If you haven't committed through this petition to boycott the stores, I ask you to please do so immediately, and then share this email with your family and friends encouraging them to do likewise.

Say NO to Target

In just a few days since the recent news about Target's newest policy shift, over 5,000 more signers have joined up at a rate of about 1,000 a day. This is tremendous, but we really want to spread the word and grow these numbers even more! We currently have over 13,000 total committed to the boycott through our petition: how many more can you help us gain?

It is crucial that we grow these numbers now, because Target will know that these signers have come on board after their insulting "accommodations" were announced. Sure, they're spending millions of dollars to put in new restrooms, but in the statements made publicly about the matter Target executives and spokespersons have made clear that their old policy about the changing rooms still stands. Not only that, they've referred to women who "may be uncomfortable" changing or going to the bathroom in the presence of a man as though these women are strange and unreasonable: when it is really Target's policy that is unreasonable, and what's more — it's dangerous!

Please sign our petition today, and then use the buttons below to share this message with your family and friends. Together we'll make sure Target knows that as long as their wrongheaded and dangerous policy still stands, they won't find us using their restrooms or their checkout aisles!


Brian S Brown

Say NO to Target!

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