Breaking: Huge Victory As Federal Judge Halts Obama's Dangerous Transgender School Bathroom Mandate


Marriage Supporter — We've won a huge legal victory today as a federal judge has issued a nationwide injunction prohibiting President Obama's illegal decree attempting to force all public schools to open their bathrooms, showers and locker rooms based on a student's perceived "gender identity" rather than actual sex.

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This is the second time in the past three weeks where federal courts have blocked Obama's transgender school policies from being enforced. Earlier this month the US Supreme Court issued an order that had the effect of blocking the policies in Virginia, but today's order by Judge Reed O'Connor in Texas covers the entire country. It comes as parents are sending their children back to school following the summer break, and it's a big relief for parents and students alike.

Texas and nearly two dozen other states have sued the Obama administration in lawsuits pointing out that President Obama does not have the legal authority to impose his dangerous transgender rules in the public schools, and threaten them with loss of federal funding if they refuse to comply. Obama took the unprecedented action by issuing "administrative guidance" in a letter to public schools. Today's ruling by Justice O'Connor in one of the lawsuits finds that Obama did not follow proper procedures for notice and comments when issuing the guidelines, and that their effect is to enact laws that contravene existing legislative and regulatory texts. The Obama administration is expected to appeal.

NOM has played a critical role in helping mobilize Americans to oppose the dangerous transgender policies that President Obama is attempting to impose on our nation's schools. A video we helped produce about these issues has generated more than one million views on Facebook.

Obama's Bathroom Mandate

Obama's Policy has a few surprises tucked inside.

Posted by Stand with Children: Understanding the Heart of Marriage on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Please help us increase views of this video to two million views by watching it yourself and then forwarding it to everyone you know. It helps make clear what is at stake for parents and children.

After you've watched the video, please also sign our petition to oppose the Obama administration's dangerous, illegal transgender policies.

Our fight on this issue is by no means over. We'll be filing legal briefs in this and other cases fighting to prevent President Obama from turning the most intimate areas of public schools — bathrooms, showers and locker rooms — into a forum to advance the political agenda of LGBT extremists.

We hope that this great victory encourages you to keep up your support of NOM. On top of the recent win in the US Supreme Court and election victories this month in Missouri, we're demonstrating that American people continue to be with us in the fight for marriage, religious liberty and the truth of human sexuality.


Brian S Brown

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