Keep Boycotting Target!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The nationwide boycott of Target stores is having a major effect. Their decision to allow biological men to force their way into restrooms and changing rooms reserved for women and girls has resulted in a massive loss of customers and cost Target billions. Their revenue is down more than 7% and their stock price has dropped precipitously. Now Target hopes to recoup those losses by announcing they will provide a private restroom in all their stores for anyone concerned about protecting their privacy. While this is a step in the right direction, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) calls on Americans to Say No To Target by continuing to boycott Target until their dangerous policy is reversed.

Please sign our new petition pledging to Say No To Target. This corporate giant should not risk the safety and privacy of girls and women in the most intimate of areas in their stores, including changing rooms and bathrooms.

The impact that we are having on Target is amazing! Christians and people of faith are letting them know with their wallets that they do not appreciate a corporate giant risking the privacy and safety of young girls and women in order to pay homage to a political ideology being advanced by LGBT extremists.

Say NO to Target

While Target is pretending like the nationwide boycott hasn't had an impact, their change in policy proves otherwise! Retail experts have studied the marketplace and concluded that customers have left Target and taken their dollars to other retailers like Walmart who have not adopted extreme "gender identity" policies that risk their customers' privacy and safety.

Now is the time to ramp up pressure on Target by urging consumers to continue to Say No To Target. Only when they see their revenues and stock prices to continue to decline will they see the error of their ways and reverse this dangerous policy.

This is not the first time that Target has been on the leading edge of the LGBT agenda. They came out in favor of redefining marriage long before the US Supreme Court issued their infamous marriage decision last year. And they have been huge funders of LGBT organizations for years, helping those groups attack people of faith and urge that Christians be punished for refusing to abandon their beliefs on issues like marriage and religious liberty.

Target is on the ropes and this is the time to continue to pressure them. Please act today to add your name to the petition letting them know that you will refuse to shop at their stores until they reverse their extreme, dangerous policy on restrooms and changing rooms.

Please add your name to the Say No To Target petition today!


Brian S Brown

Say NO to Target!

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