NOM Members Are Responding, But We Need 404 People To Act Today


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm encouraged by all the people who responded to our request last week for supporters to make a contribution of at least $35 in response to our Summer Membership Drive. We've had 604 people respond thus far, and have raised $24,219 against our goal of $52,500. If you are one of those 604 people who have contributed, I sincerely thank you!

We only have two weeks left in the Summer Membership Drive and still need to raise $28,281 to meet our budget. That means we need 808 people to give an average of $35 to fill the remaining hole in our budget, or 404 people each week.

In the next few days we need 404 people to step up with a contribution of at least $35. Will you be one of the people to help us this week? If you will help us now, we will be in much better shape to make our final push at the end of the month.

Donate Today to Make an Immediate Impact!

Your gift of $35 or more is urgently needed. It will help us continue to push for the passage of the First Amendment Defense Act. It will allow us to file legal briefs in critical cases to stop President Obama's attempt to impose his dangerous transgender policy on the nation's public school children. It will allow us to protest against big corporations like Target and billionaire sports team owners who want to use their wealth and power to impose the agenda of LGBT extremists. It will help us be effective advocates in key states, holding people accountable for their actions — just as we did earlier this month in Missouri by helping to defeat a Republican legislator who refused to protect supporters of marriage from governmental discrimination against them. And it will help us continue to develop tools to educate and engage Americans at the grassroots level.

As you can see, NOM is engaged in critical work. If we fall short of the $28,281 we need to raise in the next two weeks, we will have little choice but to put some of these efforts on hold and cut back.

Please, I'm asking you to be one of the 404 people we need in the next few days to act with a contribution of $35 or more. It's really important.

Thank you for all you have done in the past, and for your ongoing support at this critical time.


Brian S Brown

PS — Making a donation of $35 in support of our Summer Membership Drive is really easy. Just click this link, select the amount of your donation and scroll down to complete the required information. The whole process will take less than two minutes, and make a huge difference for us. Thank you!

Donate Today!

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