"Why Children of Same-Sex Couples Need FADA"


Dr.-Robert-Oscar-Lopez-900Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, at the American Thinker, writes that the children of gay parents are a class often forgotten in discussions about discrimination because they, when they adopt views contrary to the LGBT agenda, face intense targeted animosity from that community. The upshot, he says, is that the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) is needed to protect these folks as well.

He writes:

FADA is worded to protect people from opposing gay marriage even if they are not religious, and even if their opposition is "personal." This is crucial for children placed in the homes of gay couples. It would created a protected status for them, which currently exists nowhere in the law. Further protections are likely to be necessary, but this first step is fundamental.

Lopez recently made headlines when he was essentially forced to resign from his position as a professor at California State University because of targeting by liberal students and colleagues for his Christian views on marriage and sexuality.

You can read his latest piece in full here.

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