Friends — I just met with my team and learned we are seriously behind our fundraising goals for the first half of the year, which ends at midnight on Thursday.

In fact, unless we get contributions from 3,050 supporters in the next 48 hours I’m going to have to cut our budget right as we head into one of the most important periods ever for the fight for marriage and religious liberty.

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I have to be honest, we’ve never been in a bigger hole and I am freaking out. In the past, we had reserves saved up to help cushion a shortfall, but our reserves are gone.

Not only are we looking at major fights in the next few months, including pushing for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act, but we’re headed into the slowest time of year for fundraising as families take time off for vacations and travel.

The fight for marriage, religious liberty, and gender sanity is completely dependent on the grassroots. Is there ANY WAY that you can be one of the 3,050 people we need to step up in the next 48 hours with a contribution of $35? If you can give more than that, please do! But your gift of $35 combined with those of 3,049 other supporters will raise what we need to get through the summer intact.

We’ve been focused so much on the successful March for Marriage and helping our allies like the Just Want Privacy campaign in Washington state that we haven’t put enough emphasis on our own needs for funding to pay our bills. Now we’re facing an emergency shortfall with only 48 hours left before our first half of the year deadline.

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I hate to ask you again to give, but we don’t have huge donors to go to. We only have the grassroots.

Is there any way at all that you can step up with a gift of $35 or more to help us at this critical time? Boy, I sure hope so.


Brian S Brown

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