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The 2016 March for Marriage is ON! We're marching in Washington, DC on Saturday, June 25th, beginning at 11:30am and we need you there! We will gather in the area known as 'Union Square', near the Reflecting Pool on the west side of the Capitol building.

We're asking supporters from all over the country to make a special effort to attend this year's March to protest the US Supreme Court's illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling redefining marriage, to object to the Obama administration's outrageous attempts to impose the gender-bending agenda of LGBT extremists and to call Congress to account to do something about this crisis.

2016 March for Marriage
Washington, DC
Saturday, June 25th
11:30am until 2:00pm

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Join Us at the March for Marriage

The Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling redefining marriage will go down as one of the most infamous, illegitimate rulings in the Court's history, along the lines of their decision in Dred Scott to sanction slavery. The majority's hotly-contested 5-4 decision ignored precedent and invented a constitutional "right" to gay ‘marriage' so that these activist judges could impose their own values on the nation. In the process, they stripped over 50 million voters and countless legislators in states across America of their sovereign right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

It didn't take long for the LGBT extremists to push the next element of their outrageous agenda — attempting to defy human nature itself and declare that gender can be self-directed and chosen based on "identity." And when someone chooses to declare an identity different from reality, such as a man claiming to be a woman, then all of society is expected to bow in compliance and succumb to every demand, including allowing men into private facilities like restrooms and showers that are reserved for girls and women.

Please make every effort to oppose the Obama gender agenda by coming to Washington on June 25th to participate in the March for Marriage. Use this link to let us know you are coming.

President Obama acts as if he is a King by declaring that all public schools and other public institutions must immediately accept this new orthodoxy or be declared guilty of discrimination. He threatens them with loss of federal funding, lawsuits and reputational ruin as a "bigot" guilty of "discrimination." The impact on other Americans — frightened girls, for example, when confronted by males in a bathroom — matter not a whit to Obama. Nobody but his allies among the LGBT lobby have any rights. We have none.

Truth be told, his extreme agenda on this issue makes me wonder if Obama actually sees himself as something bigger than a King. It seems to me that only someone who fancies himself a god could have the capacity to think that he could actually redefine humanity itself, decreeing that men can be women if they so choose (and vice versa) and nobody else is supposed to notice, and certainly not complain if they do.

Let's be clear: the ideology that the LGBT extremists are advancing and President Obama is imposing is insane and dangerous. It must be stopped.

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That's why a key objective of this year's March will be to hold Congress to account. We demand that our elected officials in Congress pass the First Amendment Defense Act to provide legal protections for supporters of traditional marriage from being persecuted by the government. We demand that Congress act to rein in and reverse President Obama's illegal "gender identity" decrees.

Please mark June 25th, 11:30am, on your calendar to attend the 2016 March for Marriage, and use this link to let us know you will be joining us.


Brian S Brown

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