Tell Paul Ryan to Stop Obama's Gender Bender Insanity


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is the most powerful Republican in Washington. As the leader of Congress, he is in the best position to stop President Obama's extreme overreach on countless fronts, including his insane decrees last week that men must be allowed into public school restrooms, showers and locker rooms reserved for girls if they claim a female "gender identity."

President Obama is using the power of government to extend the dangerous gender agenda being promoted by LGBT extremists, ordering every public school in America to comply or risk the loss of federal education funding. He's sicced the Department of Justice and Department of Education on our local schools to enforce his edict. It's an outrageous example of extreme, unconstitutional executive overreach.

And what has Paul Ryan, the nation's highest-ranking Republican, had to say about this outrage that risks the privacy and safety of our children and grandchildren? Nothing! He has issued no statement, put out no Tweet, nor distributed any press release. He's letting Obama get away with it!

Tell Speaker Paul Ryan that you demand that he fight back against this illegal, immoral act by President Obama that risks the privacy and security of our children and grandchildren. Please sign our petition immediately, which will be delivered to Speaker Ryan letting him know you expect him to fight the Obama "gender identity" insanity.

Act Today and Defend Our Values!

We're seeing the same weakness on gender identity from feckless Republican politicians that we saw from many of them when marriage was under attack. Because of the silence of these so-called conservatives in Washington, the left had an easier time getting activist judges to impose their will and illegally redefine marriage in an anti-constitutional ruling.

I don't know what the problem is with these weak Republicans in Washington who are afraid to challenge Obama on his extreme LGBT agenda. I guess they are afraid of being called names by the LBGT extremists. Their weak advisers likely tell them that the controversy might cost them votes (actually, defending our values will gain them votes). Many of their political consultants say they can take social conservatives and people of faith for granted.

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of Republicans who claim to be "conservatives" when they run for office but then do nothing to fight for our principles once they achieve power. Please sign our petition to Paul Ryan today demanding that he fight back to stop President Obama from risking the privacy and safety of children in public school by exposing them in showers and restrooms to men who claim a female identity.

What I do know is that the silence of Speaker Ryan and other Republican leaders in Washington is deafening, and their silence will make it easier for the extremists to push their gender agenda in every public school in America. Please sign our petition demanding that Speaker Ryan fight back. And after you've signed, please use the buttons below to email it or share it on social media with everyone you can.

Already we have seen women and girls victimized by this dangerous policy. Women and girls who have suffered horrible sexual abuse have suddenly been confronted by biological males in bathrooms and showers, causing them great emotional pain and making them feel re-victimized. One mother of a young girl who is a victim of sexual assault says her daughter will no longer go to the restroom at school because she can't bear the thought of pulling down her underwear in an area where a man might be present.

And yet, protecting the privacy and security of girls in public school doesn't matter to the LGBT extremists, or apparently to President Obama.

Does it matter to Speaker Paul Ryan? Please sign our petition demanding that he fight back for our children and grandchildren.

Stand Up and Act Now!
Demand that Paul Ryan Fight Back Today

Look, Paul Ryan is a decent man. He loves his family and he has served honorably in the House. He gave a good speech this morning at the National Catholic Prayer breakfast and defended the Little Sisters of the Poor in their fight with President Obama who wants them to facilitate coverage for abortion-inducing drugs that violate their faith. I commend him for that, and I realize that he has a tough job.

But those who seek high office also have a high responsibility to represent the American people and fight for our values. That is why we need Paul Ryan to fight the gender bender insanity that Barack Obama is trying to impose on our nation's public schools. Please urge him to do so by signing our petition today, and then sharing it by email and on social media with all your friends, family and contacts.

President Obama does not have the constitutional authority to impose this dangerous ideology on our children and grandchildren in public school. Most school districts already provide accommodation for gender-confused students, such as access to single stall restrooms and private changing areas. Fighting back against the Obama edict does not make anyone "anti-trans" or "intolerant." If anything, it's those wishing to impose the "gender identity" mandate that are intolerant because in their world, every child must sacrifice their privacy and security to allow the gender-confused to use girls' showers and restrooms.

Please help us fight back against President Obama's illegal, anti-constitutional gender bender edict by demanding that Speaker Paul Ryan — the highest ranking member of Congress — use his power to fight the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional actions of the Obama Administration. Sign our petition today, and then share it with all those you can reach. Thank you.


Brian S Brown

PS — Once you have signed our petition to Speaker Paul Ryan, please utilize the buttons below which make it easy to email it and share it with all your contacts on social media. Please act today! Thanks.

Act Today!

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