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  • First Amendment Defense Act Poised for Hearing
  • Obama Administration Working Overtime to Force Radical Agenda on America
  • Update on Presidential Race
  • Key US Senate, House and State Races
  • Vatican Representative to US Retires, was a Hero for Marriage
  • Please Support NOM with a Generous Financial Gift

Dear Friends,

I wanted to send this newsletter to bring you up to date on a number of important items. NOM is working hard on a variety of fronts to restore marriage to our laws and to protect the right of individuals, small businesses and religious groups to live out the truth of marriage as one man/one woman at work and in their daily lives.

We have been working with allies on Capitol Hill and are confident that the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), critical legislation needed to protect the rights of Americans who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman, will be brought to a hearing soon. NOM launched a Fax For FADA campaign that resulted in over 100,000 faxes being delivered to members of Congress demanding that FADA be brought to a vote.

If you have not yet contacted your federal representatives asking them to co-sponsor and support the First Amendment Defense Act, please do so today. The legislation is pending in both the House of Representatives (H.R. 2802) and the US Senate (S. 1598). You can view a list of co-sponsors of the House bill here, and co-sponsors of the Senate bill here.

The legislation is expected to be considered first in the House of Representatives. As soon as the hearing in the House Oversight and Government Reform committee is scheduled, we will be back in touch. Meanwhile, please contact your federal representatives and ask them to sign onto the legislation.

The Obama Administration is doing everything in its power to push the agenda of LGBT radical extremists on the people of America. Most recently, the Obama administration has been working to allow men to force their way into restrooms, showers and locker rooms reserved for girls and women simply by claiming that they "identify" as women.

The administration realizes that it has no chance of passing this radical agenda through Congress (many Democrats would join virtually every Republican in opposing it) so they have decided to bypass Congress and issue regulatory rulings reinterpreting federal law (Title IX and Title VII) barring discrimination based on sex. They've decreed that sex discrimination includes "gender identity discrimination."

Worse, President Obama is now working hand-in-hand with the LGBT extremists to force this dangerous agenda on states and school districts across the country.

The Department of Justice recently sent a letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and other state officials warning that unless they repeal House Bill 2 prohibiting municipalities like the city of Charlotte from adopting gender bending ordinances that allow men claiming a female "gender identity" to invade intimate facilities reserved for girls and women, they will lose federal funding.

Thankfully, Gov. McCrory is not taking this threat lying down. He filed a federal lawsuit today challenging the ability of President Obama to unilaterally reinterpret federal law imposing this radical idea on North Carolina.

Similarly, the Obama Department of Education is busy orchestrating transgender battles at the local level. In Illinois, they forced a local school district to change its bathroom policies so that a male student who identifies as a female is able to shower and access intimate facilities regardless of the privacy and safety concerns of the school's female students.

While school bureaucrats have surrendered to President Obama's illegal action, parents are taking him on. Twenty families have sued the Obama Administration challenging its reinterpretation of federal law.

NOM will be an active participant in the legal process on behalf of both the people of North Carolina and the Illinois families, helping them spread the word about their cases and filing supportive legal briefs on their behalf.

We expect many similar challenges to emerge in the remaining months of the Obama presidency.

As you know, NOM endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz in the race for the presidency because Cruz is a proven champion for marriage and the rights of Americans to act in concert with a belief of marriage as the union of one man as and one woman. Cruz signed our Presidential Marriage Pledge, is the author of an amendment to restore the right of states to define marriage as one man/one woman, and is a co-sponsor of the First Amendment Defense Act.

Now that Donald J. Trump has become the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, we will take our time to assess his candidacy. Trump says he supports traditional marriage but has said the illegitimate US Supreme Court ruling imposing gay marriage on the nation "settles the issue." This is very troubling.

We hope to meet with his campaign to better understand his views before we make any decision on what, if anything to do in the presidential race. In the meantime, we will focus our attention on critical US Senate and House races, and on state elections where we expect marriage to be a critical factor, such as the race for governor in North Carolina.

Control of the US Senate is at stake in the 2016 elections, a critical element that could determine the direction of the nation for decades to come. That is because the next president could have four to five appointments to the US Supreme Court. Having a strong conservative majority in the Senate to prevent liberal nominees from advancing thus is essential.

NOM will be taking a look at a number of important US Senate races that could tip the balance of power. Opportunities exist in several primary contests, and the general election will present numerous opportunities as well.

We are also looking at key races in the US House. NOM has endorsed Colm Willis for Congress in his race for the 5th Congressional District in Oregon. Colm is a proven champion for life, religious liberty and marriage, and is running against Ben West, a gay 'marriage' activist who sued the people of Oregon to invalidate the state's marriage amendment adopted by 57% of voters. Because of West, Oregonians had their votes stolen from them by unaccountable judges. NOM urges you to contribute directly to Colm Willis through this link.

Support Colm Willis Today!

Also in the House, NOM has endorsed Congressman Steve King. King has served Iowans as well as the national fights for marriage, life and family tirelessly for 7 terms. Congressman King chairs the very timely Executive Overreach Task Force, as well as serves on the US House Agriculture, Judiciary, and Small Business Committees. He deserves the full support of marriage champions across the country. You can donate to his campaign by following this link.

Support Steve King Today!

Lastly, NOM will be active in state races, including defeating Republicans in Missouri who betrayed us by refusing to allow the people to vote on important protections for Christians and people of faith from being discriminated against by the government over their views on marriage.

NOM wishes to thank and commend Archbishop Carlo Vigano for his service as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, the Vatican's diplomatic representative to America. Archbishop Vigano was a strong and decisive champion for marriage and regularly attended and supported NOM's March of Marriage in Washington, DC.

George Weigel wrote an excellent piece discussing Archbishop Vigano's exemplary career and leadership.

NOM sends our prayers and best wishes to Archbishop Vigano on his retirement as Apostolic Nuncio.

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As you can see, NOM is hard at work impacting the culture, defending marriage and fighting across the country for the rights of people to live out the truth of marriage at work and in their daily lives. Please support us with a generous financial contribution. We are a grassroots organization that depends on the American people for support. Please act today with a gift of $25, $50, $75 or $100 or more.

Thank you for your support!


Brian S Brown

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