Say No To Target


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Our boycott of Target Stores is in full swing. If you have not yet personally joined the boycott of Target Stores for their decision to risk the privacy and safety of girls and women in restrooms and changing rooms, please sign the petition today.

NOM has launched a new Say No To Target website that will make it easy for more people to join the boycott and to spread news of the effort. Once you have added your own name to the petition, please use the share and email buttons to send the petition to all your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to sign as well.

Target has made billions of dollars selling merchandise to American families. Yet in recent years they have increasingly taken on an anti-family agenda, working in lockstep with extremist LGBT organizations to push the gay ideology. Most recently, the huge corporation announced a policy that sacrifices the privacy and safety of girls and women by inviting biological males to use restrooms and changing rooms reserved for girls and women based on a claim that they "identify" as a woman.

Please sign our petition to boycott Target. You'll be joining with nearly a million other Americans who have already pledged not to shop at Target in protest of their abandonment of commonsense and their embrace of the extreme gender ideology agenda.

Our new Say No To Target website will make it easy for you to add your own name to the groundswell of opposition to Target, and to share the petition with others. Please act today to join us in boycotting Target.


Brian S Brown

Act Today!

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