It's Working, But We Still Need You To Push For FADA


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I am getting good reports from Washington, DC that our Fax For FADA campaign is making a big impact. Word is that the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) will be scheduled for a hearing very soon. Our faxes to the House Republican leadership and members of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee are having an impact!

There are two things I need for you to do today:

  1. If you have not signed onto our Fax For FADA campaign, please click here to do so. We will prepare and send the faxes for you at no cost.
  2. Please consider making a voluntary donation so that we can reach more people with the Fax For FADA campaign. Your gift of $25 will help us send 250 faxes. A contribution of $500 allows us to send 5,000 faxes. We do not charge anyone for sending faxes in their name, but doing so costs money. Please consider a gift to help defray this cost.

So many people have signed that we have over 100,000 prepared to send and are sending them as fast as technology allows — and it is making a difference. But we need to keep up the pressure on Congress until they pass this critical legislation.

Show Your Support Today!

Please add your name to the Fax For FADA campaign if you have not already done so, and make an urgent contribution so that we can continue this important effort.

Thank you for all you are doing!


Brian S Brown

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