Americans Respond To Demand That Congress Act, But There’s A Problem


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Americans across the country are responding enthusiastically to NOM's urgent Fax For FADA campaign demanding that Congress get off its rear end and pass the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) protecting the rights of Christians and people of faith to live out the truth of marriage in their daily lives and at work without fear of being punished for doing so by the federal government.

Thousands of people have joined our campaign, and we need you to do so as well. When you sign our petition and join our Fax For FADA campaign we will send a free fax in your name to the Republican leadership and members of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

Support the First Amendment Defense Act

But there's a problem: so many people have responded to our Fax For FADA campaign that NOM is on the hook for the cost of 100,000 or more faxes!

There is absolutely no cost to individuals who sign our petition. We are absorbing the cost of the faxes because we want to deluge Congress with requests from thousands of Americans just like you. But with us having to absorb the cost of 100,000 or more faxes, this could be a significant expense.

I am committed to making the Fax For FADA campaign free for all our supporters but I have to ask you as one of our best supporters if you would consider making an emergency financial contribution so that we can introduce the campaign to thousands more marriage supporters across America. Please make an emergency contribution of $15, $25, $50, $100 or even $250 or more. Whatever you can give will help us reach more people across the country.

The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) is absolutely essential legislation that Congress must pass to protect the rights of Americans to be free of being punished or harassed by the government for refusing to personally participate in same-sex 'marriage' ceremonies. It protects pastors, churches, religious groups, individuals and small businesses.

Without this protection in place, you can be sure that the Obama administration or (God forbid) a Hillary Clinton administration will be looking for ways to use government power to force every group, business and individual into accepting the rogue and illegitimate ruling of the Supreme Court redefining marriage. Supporters of marriage are liable to face all kinds of governmental action — schools denied accreditation, nonprofits and charities stripped of their tax exemption and denied grants and access to public facilities, small businesses put out of business and their owners fined or even jailed, etc.

Act Today! Defend Religious Liberty

Some people have asked me why we are doing a Fax For FADA campaign and not just having people email the Republican leadership and members of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. The answer is that Congress has made it extremely difficult to contact our elected representatives and Senators by email. Individuals have to complete a contact form and the form is delivered to the member of Congress only if the individual is a resident of that member's district.

The Fax For FADA campaign gets around these barriers to contacting our representatives. We need members of the Republican leadership and House OGR committee to hear from people across the nation that they must act immediately to pass this critical legislation. The FADA legislation must be a national priority and we need individuals everywhere to be able to weigh in with their support.

Please, I need you to do two things to help right now:

  1. If you have not already done so, please sign the petition to the Republican leadership and members of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee demanding that they pass the First Amendment Defense Act. Once you sign the petition, we will send a fax to all these members in your name at no cost to you.
  2. If you are able, as one of our best and most loyal supporters please make an entirely voluntary financial contribution to help defray the cost of this critical program and allow us to extend it to thousands more marriage supporters all across the country. Remember, no contribution is required for you to sign the petition and we will send all the faxes free of charge. However, if you can make an emergency contribution of $15, $25, $50 or $100 or more, we would be extremely grateful.

Please act today.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you have signed our petition, please use the share buttons below to let all your friends and contacts on social media know about this petition and ask them to sign as well. And please consider making an emergency contribution to help us defray the cost of this important campaign with a donation of $15, $25, $50 or $100 or whatever amount you can afford. Thank you!

Act Today

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