Don't Let Billionaires and Extremists Rip Marriage from the GOP Platform


Dear Marriage Supporter,

While the rest of America is focused on one of the most consequential Republican primary elections in our lifetimes, a shadowy group funded by billionaire gay activists and backed by ideological extremists is working behind the scenes to rip to shreds the Republican Party platform on marriage. We can't let New York billionaires and their allies get away with this.

It's imperative that NOM mobilize right away to address this serious threat. I am asking you to do two things immediately to help us:

  1. Please sign our petition today demanding that the Republican National Committee stand firm in support of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and go on record denouncing the illegitimate ruling of five unelected lawyers on the US Supreme Court to redefine marriage.
  2. Please make an emergency financial contribution to NOM so that we can deploy the necessary resources to stop this effort to accommodate gay 'marriage' and pressure the eventual Republican nominee to abandon the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, period. We have a big challenge before us and need your immediate donation of $35, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford.
Stop Extremists from Shredding the GOP
Platform on Marriage

The GOP platform has for many years called for the adoption of a constitutional amendment to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Indeed. Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz has authored a proposed constitutional amendment reversing the anti-constitutional, illegitimate ruling of the US Supreme Court imposing gay 'marriage' by restoring the right of states to define marriage solely as one man, one woman.

Sadly, too many Republican leaders and elected officials have largely remained silent about the threat to our society that ripping marriage from the law poses. Their cowardice and silence has emboldened LGBT extremists and their allies on Wall Street who are funding a shadowy group working to change the Republican Party platform.

The work of the American Unity Fund, bankrolled by Wall Street billionaires, caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh last week. Rush said the group is working "under the cover of darkness and they're hiding behind the cloak of invisibility brought on by the coverage of the horse race." The group, Rush warned, is "demanding that the Republican platform essentially accommodate, if not accept, same-sex marriage...And they hope to have this done in time to basically force this on the nominee."

It's imperative that NOM mobilize immediately to address this serious threat. That's why I need you to sign our petition to the RNC demanding that they maintain their strong position in support of traditional marriage. I also need you to act today with a generous financial contribution so that we have the resources we need to fight these anti-marriage billionaires.

Breitbart also reported the billionaire backers of this effort previously funded an international campaign by the extremist and anti-Christian group Human Rights Campaign that depicted Christians and conservative leaders like me as little more than criminals, complete with a mug shot.

The American Unity Fund is hiring staff and political operatives to influence GOP officials to strip true marriage from the GOP platform and replace it with some sort of support for a redefined version of marriage which denies children their inherent human right to receive the love of both a father and a mother. They claim that the US Supreme Court decision on marriage is "the law of the land" and that it's time that the Republican Party quit fighting for "a lost cause."

What the LGBT extremists fail to realize is that support for traditional marriage runs much higher than does support for the Republican Party brand. Over 50 million Americans have gone to the polls to support traditional marriage, and marriage has always run many points higher than has the top of the Republican ticket.

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Defend the GOP Party Platform In Support Of Marriage

Not only is support for marriage popular, but it is right. Marriage is our only mechanism to bring men and women together for the purpose of being father and mother to any children born of their union. When marriage is redefined and turned into an institution designed primarily to validate the sexual choices of adults, the interests of children are sacrificed, and society suffers as a result.

If the GOP strips support for marriage from the party platform, Christians and other people of faith will pay a heavy price. Such a move would provoke fierce legal attacks against people who believe that marriage is one man and one woman, just as God designed it, resulting in countless people being sued, fined, fired and otherwise punished for continuing to stand up for marriage.

It's imperative that we mobilize a strong and sustained counterattack against those working in the shadows to shred the GOP platform on marriage and replace it with a tacit endorsement of genderless marriage, and families that are stripped of a mother or father in a child's life. Please, take these urgent actions immediately:

One, sign our petition to the RNC demanding that they maintain their strong support for traditional marriage.

Two, please make an urgent financial contribution so that we can muster the resources we need to address this challenge from LGBT extremists and their billionaire backers.

We can't wait until the GOP convention in July — we must move immediately to meet this challenge.

Please, I'm counting on you to make an urgent financial contribution to NOM today, and to sign our petition letting Republican leaders know you want marriage preserved for us, and for future generations.

Thank you for acting today in support of marriage.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you have signed the petition and made your own donation to help provide the resources we need to combat this challenge, please use the share buttons below to reach out to friends and family asking them to support our efforts and sign our petition demanding that marriage remain a strong element of the GOP platform.

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