Stand with Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Who has Stood with Us


Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, we secured a tremendous victory for the rights of Christians and other people of faith to be able to live out the truth of marriage without fear of being targeted or punished by the government for doing so. When Governor Phil Bryant signed this critical religious liberty legislation (HB 1523) into law, he took a courageous step in defiance of threats from LGBT extremists and their allies in Hollywood, corporate America and big-time sports leagues. Now we must stand up for Governor Bryant to confront the cultural bullies who, right on cue, are threatening boycotts, economic punishment and reputational ruin.

Please sign our petition to Governor Bryant thanking him for protecting the rights of all his state's residents who will be able to live out the truth of marriage in their daily lives.

Because of his leadership, no pastor, church or religious group will be forced to participate in a gay ‘wedding.' No florist, baker, photographer or other professional will have to be involved in a gay ‘wedding' in violation of their religious beliefs. Religious schools, universities and social service groups can continue to maintain personnel and housing policies that reflect their beliefs. Adoption agencies have been protected and won't be forced to adopt out children to same-sex couples if doing so violates their beliefs that children are entitled to both a mother and a father. Nobody in the state will be punished or imprisoned for refusing to personally issue a marriage license that violates their beliefs. And no men will be able to force their way into intimate facilities reserved for girls and women, such as showers and restrooms, simply by claiming that he "identifies" as a woman.

Thank Governor Phil Bryant Today!

As you can see, HB 1523 enacts very comprehensive protections for citizens and is a model for the nation. That's why we must let Governor Phil Bryant know that we appreciate and applaud his leadership by signing our petition today.

Following the demands of the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign, the leading LGBT puppeteer, executives with major companies like Dow Chemical, General Electric, Pepsi, Hyatt, and Hewlett Packard have already demanded that the law be immediately repealed. Governors from uber-liberal states like New York, Vermont and Washington issued a ban on state employee travel to Mississippi. The manufactured outrage over this legislation is expected to continue, and you can anticipate sports executives weighing in with threats to withdraw championship games from the state.

All of this is manufactured and has become the standard fare for LGBT radicals and their allies. They do not want to actually debate the merits of the issues so they declare anything they oppose to be "discrimination" and "anti-gay" and attempt to demonize all those who oppose their agenda.

Governor Bryant in Mississippi is standing strong and now it's our turn to stand with him. Please act immediately to express your thanks to this courageous defender of the rights of Christians and people of faith and let him know that you salute his leadership.

Together we can fend off the cultural bullies, but we must act proactively to do so. We cannot be silent while the radicals wail mindlessly about this critical legislation. Please act today to sign our petition to Governor Phil Bryant.

Thank you for all you are doing in support of marriage as God designed it.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you've signed our petition thanking Governor Bryant for his leadership in Mississippi, please forward it to others and use the share buttons below to promote it on social media. That's one of the best ways to spread the word about this important petition.

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