The Politicians Just Don't Get It


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Americans across the country are turning out in droves to cast ballots in the Republican primary race because we understand that the country has gotten far off track, that Republican leaders in Washington have failed us and we need to elect a champion before it is too late. We are clamoring for leaders who will ignore political correctness and instead stand on principle and fight for what is right, including fighting for marriage, life and religious liberty.

What we've gotten, tragically, is a string of gutless Republican politicians who seek our votes as conservatives but then throw us to the wolves when the pressure is on. Republican governors Mike Pence in Indiana, Dennis Daugaard in South Dakota and Nathan Deal in Georgia are perfect examples of fair-weather, talk-but-no-action Republicans. We must hold them, and others, accountable.

Please renew your support of NOM by making a contribution of $35, $50, $100 or even $250 or more so that we can hold politicians accountable when they betray Christians and people of faith by failing to stand up for important principles.

NOM fights hard to push back when political leaders abandon us. That's what we did, for example, in North Carolina when the Republican governor vetoed legislation that protected individuals from having to solemnize a gay 'wedding' that violated their religious beliefs. We worked with allies and helped convince North Carolina legislators to override the veto of Governor Pat McCrory.

It's amazing what happens when Christians and people of faith unite to demand action, and Governor McCrory is a great example of that. Having had his veto overridden last year, Governor McCrory is now standing strong with us this year in support of common-sense legislation that prevents men from accessing intimate facilities reserved for girls and women, including showers and rest rooms, based on a claim that they "identify" as women. It's only common sense that biology determines gender, not "feelings" and certainly not political correctness. We commend Governor McCrory for his principled stand.

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NOM is counting on your support to show others who have abandoned us that they made a terrible error, let them experience the response from people of faith, and then work with them to become champions on our issues. Your contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or $500 or more will allow us to fight to restore marriage to our laws and protect Christians and people of faith who refuse to abandon God's commands when it comes to marriage. Some people can afford to give $1,000, $2,500 or even $5,000 and if you are able to do so it would be a great blessing. We are a grassroots organization and do not have corporate CEOs and billionaires supporting us.

You see, governors like Mike Pence, Dennis Daugaard and Nathan Deal are not bad people, but they failed to exhibit courage in the face of pressure from LGBT extremists and their allies in corporate America and among sports billionaires. We've worked to make sure that Christians and people of faith let them know how betrayed they feel over their lack of courage, and then work to educate political leaders and help them become champions for marriage and religious liberty.

This is just one of many examples how NOM is fighting for God's definition of marriage, and for His people who stand up for the biblical understanding of marriage.

Please help us during this critical time so that we have the resources to continue to advocate for marriage and the rights of pastors, churches, religious organizations and individuals to live out the truth of marriage in our daily lives.

God bless you for your support of NOM.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you have made your own donation of $35, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to support our work, please email any friends and family who might also become supporters of NOM. Only by expanding the network of people devoted to marriage as God designed it will we be able to counter the influence that LGBT extremists are exerting over our laws and public policies. Thank you.

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