Fight Back Immediately Against Intolerant Religious Bigots


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm writing to ask you to act immediately to fight back against intolerant religious bigots who are intent on forcing a radical view of human nature on society even when common sense flies in the face of their dangerous agenda. Please act immediately to thank North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for standing strong and resisting the push to allow men in intimate facilities like showers, locker rooms and restrooms that are reserved for girls and women.

All across the country, radical LGBT extremists are demanding that men be treated as if they were women if the men decide they "identify" as a woman at a particular moment. This has led to girls and women being confronted by biological males in the most intimate of facilities — showers, locker rooms and restrooms. Needless to say, such a situation is a grave violation of privacy and raises very serious security and safety concerns.

Act Immediately to Thank Governor Pat McCrory

When given the opportunity, voters have soundly rejected these "transgender bathroom bill" policies but the LGBT extremists have used their power to get gutless politicians to cave in to their demands. That is what happened in Charlotte, NC when the City Council voted to risk the privacy and security of girls and women to placate the political demands of the LGBT extremists.

Fortunately, the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory put their feet down and said "enough is enough" to these dangerous policies and they banned men from being in intimate facilities reserved for females. For standing up for common sense and the safety and privacy of girls and women, Governor McCrory is now being targeted by intolerant religious bigots and leftist politicians who do the bidding of these bigots. And sadly, the extremists are being aided by powerful corporate, entertainment and sports figures who are threatening the state with economic punishment if they don't cave in to political correctness and worship at the altar of the LGBT extremists.

Please sign our petition to Governor McCrory letting him know that you appreciate his leadership and courage to take a common sense position that men should not be allowed in intimate facilities like showers and restrooms that are reserved for girls and women. It is imperative that you act immediately because the left is in the process of manufacturing outrage in order to pressure this Republican governor to cave into their demands, just as they were successful in pressuring others to cave, like Indiana Governor Mike Pence, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

This petition can be a vehicle for the grassroots to get mobilized and send our own message that the PC, bigoted agenda of LGBT extremists will not be accepted by mainstream Americans. The message is simple — it is not discrimination to keep men out of women's showers, restrooms and locker rooms.

Please act immediately to fight back against LGBT extremists and support Governor Pat McCrory by signing our petition.

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Brian S Brown

Act Today!

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