Victory, Betrayal and Backlash


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The events of the past 72 hours provide a microcosm of the importance of maintaining the fight for marriage and religious liberty and reveal the toxic nature of the environment in which we battle and the gutless betrayal of the Republican elite and their donors in big business that must be overcome for us to be successful.

If you are sick and tired of mega-wealthy corporations and special interests exercising control over gutless politicians who tell us they are with us when they run for office but then abandon us in the face of pressure, please show your support for NOM today. Your contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100 or $250 or more will help us fight the wealthy special interests and hold the politicians accountable to the people who elected them.

Here's the situation we face:

Victory: In North Carolina we won a great victory as the state legislature went into special session to pass legislation repealing a "bathroom bill" imposed on the people of Charlotte by their City Council. The state General Assembly repealed the ordinance by statewide statute and prevented any other municipality from passing something similar. Governor Pat McCrory immediately signed the legislation into law, protecting girls and women from being confronted by biologic males in the most intimate of facilities including restrooms and showers. The victory came only after sustained public pressure from the grassroots, including many rallies and public demonstrations.

Betrayal: In Georgia, turncoat Republican Governor Nathan Deal just vetoed an extremely modest bill to protect pastors and churches from having to participate in same-sex 'weddings' and give some minor protection to religious schools from having to hire someone who openly opposes their religious beliefs. Deal ignored dozens of examples of discrimination against people of faith that have occurred across the country and instead adopted the approach advocated by LGBT extremists that any accommodation of religious objections to gay 'marriage' amounts to "discrimination" against gays and lesbians. Deal and the extremists demand that every single person, religious organization and small business in Georgia agree to personally participate in a same-sex 'wedding' ceremony if asked, regardless of their deeply-held religious views.

Backlash: It is now clear that LGBT extremists and the left will accept absolutely no dissent from the orthodoxy they wish to impose on the country and they are prepared to utilize cultural and economic threats to get their way. In Georgia, the head of the grossly-misnamed Human Right Campaign demanded that Hollywood studios and production companies threaten to withdraw all television and movie productions from Georgia if Governor Deal signed the legislation protecting pastors and churches from participating in same-sex ceremonies. Within days a who's who of Hollywood weighed in with statements against the legislation including Walt Disney Co., MGM, Sony, Lionsgate, 21st Century Fox, Discovery, Time Warner, CBS, and NBC, among others. Corporate America had already been working against the legislation for weeks and a group of giant businesses under the name Georgia Prospers was successful in stripping the legislation of most of the most important legal protections that are needed to help small businesses and other people of faith. Nonetheless, the NCAA expressed their concerns about "discrimination" and the National Football League went so far as to suggest that the legislation would damage the ability of the state to again host a Super Bowl. Activists suggested that this legislation could cost Georgia billions of dollars in revenues as companies and events withdrew from the state.

Remember, all of this manufactured outrage was over not forcing pastors and churches to participate in same-sex "weddings" that violate their religious beliefs.

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Meanwhile the situation in North Carolina has sparked similar manufactured outrage from the wealthy and the connected. LGBT groups have labeled it "blatantly discriminatory" and "the most extreme bill of its kind in the nation." Just as predictably, corporate America and the sports industry immediately followed suit with American Airlines and Wells Fargo speaking out against the legislation, and the National Basketball Association hinting it might move the 2017 All Star game out of Charlotte. Plans for public protests and boycotts are in the works.

All this because lawmakers in North Carolina do not think it is appropriate to subject girls and women to being confronted by biologic males in intimate facilities like bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.

The situation we are facing is a clarion call for us to rise up and fight back like we've never fought before. We cannot allow corporate bullies and the cultural elite to destroy to social fabric of this nation, stripping it of common sense and essential principles guaranteed by our constitution.

NOM is on the front lines fighting for marriage and religious liberty, but we can be successful only to the extent that you supply us with the resources needed to carry out the fight. That's why it is so important that you rise up and help us fight by making a generous contribution today of $35, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 or more so that we can challenge the powerful and the connected in this critical cultural battle.

Unless we rise and fight together, the victories we've experienced — as in North Carolina, Arkansas and the great victory at the polls last fall in Houston– will be increasingly harder to come by.

Unless we rise and fight together, gutless Republican officials will continue to cave into pressure and abandon us, as Governor Mike Pence did in Indiana, Governor Dennis Daugaard did in South Carolina and now Governor Nathan Deal has done in Georgia.

And unless we rise and fight together, the corporate interests and cultural cronies on the left will have carte blanch to manufacture outrage anytime any common sense idea emerges from a state legislature or Congress to support a traditional view of human sexuality and biblical morality.

Make no mistake about it — what we are seeing develop in this alliance of LGBT extremists, corporate titans and sports billionaires is not going to stop at simply preventing the advance of legislation designed to protect people of faith. Emboldened by their successes and the retreat of those who had pledged to support people of faith, the activists will mount an all-out assault through the courts and legislatures to proactively force every American to salute their agenda at risk of massive civil fines, loss of livelihood and even imprisonment.

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Indeed, this push is already well underway, with victims of LGBT intolerance growing every day. Unless it is confronted, it is not going to end anytime soon.

The persecution merely started with the photographers, bakers and florists who have been fined and lost everything they owned simply because they personally did not want to participate in a same-sex 'wedding.' It won't be long before religious groups are forced to lend their facilities for the conduct of something they consider sinful (same-sex 'marriage') or risk losing their property leases, government contracts and grants. Religious schools will be forced to hire those who openly mock their religious beliefs or risk their accreditation and access to student grants and loans. Individuals will be fired and face huge fines for saying anything that offends a member of the LGBT community. And people who openly defy their obligations under the new orthodoxy may well face imprisonment.

Bullies must be confronted and defeated or they will wreak havoc on those they confront. NOM is fighting the LGBT bullies and extremists, including challenging their corporate allies and the gutless politicians who succumb to their pressure. Please rise up and stand with us in this fight by making a generous contribution to NOM today. Your gift of $35, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 or more will be much appreciated and help us fight while there is still every opportunity to prevail.

Thank you for your support.


Brian S Brown

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