We Wish You A Blessed Easter


Dear Marriage Supporter,

All of us at NOM wish you and your family a Blessed Easter. This is one of the holiest times of year as Christians recall the passion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Christ on Easter is the most consequential day in human history. It is the single most important event that has ever occurred, giving proof to God's promise of everlasting life in heaven for those who believe in Jesus, our Savior and Lord. In Him, our sins are forgiven and we have the promise of eternity.

Our secular society has been working hard for many decades to take the spirituality out of Easter, and Christmas as well. A reverential appreciation of Christ's sacrifice on the cross where he paid the ultimate price for our sins has been replaced with marshmallow candies, jelly beans and the Easter Bunny. It's the same approach secular elites have taken with marriage — transforming it from an institution designed by God for the benefit of men and women and their children, into something that affirms adult sexual desires whatever they may happen to be.

The good news is found in the Good News. Christ is not a fictional fairy tale but the son of the living God who rules over heaven and earth. And marriage is what God created and no man can change, even when wearing a judicial robe. Both are eternal truths.

We have a lot to do in our fight to restore marriage to our laws and culture, and we are determined to undertake the hard work the cause demands, with you by our side. But for the next few days we pause to put causes and candidates aside to focus our mind and heart on the great blessing of Christ on the Cross.

May God richly bless you and yours during this beautiful Easter season.


Brian S Brown

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