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Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, NOM has been working hard in Congress and at the state level to pass critical legislation needed to protect supporters of marriage from discrimination and stop local governments from pursuing a dangerous gender ideology that treats men as if they are women, jeopardizing the privacy and safety of girls and women in intimate facilities like restrooms. Three states have moved critical legislation forward, and I'm asking you to take action to register your support:

The North Carolina General Assembly has gone into special session today to pass legislation overriding the dangerous decision of the Charlotte City Council which enacted an ordinance jeopardizing the safety of girls and women by allowing biologic men to use intimate facilities such as restrooms that are reserved for women and girls. The legislation is expected to pass overwhelmingly but we need your help to urge Governor Pat McCrory to sign it into law. McCrory has issued some supportive statements but we don't want to take any chances that he might buckle once the left gangs up on him. Please sign our petition to Governor Pat McCrory today. If you are active on Twitter, please speak out using the hashtag #PatPromised

The Commonwealth of Virginia has passed legislation protecting pastors, ministers and religious organizations from having to participate in same-sex 'wedding' ceremonies that violate their deeply held religious beliefs. This is an extremely modest bill and much more needs to be done in Virginia. Still, it is an important first step and we urge you to sign our petition to Governor Terry McAuliffe urging him to sign the legislation into law.

As you may recall, Georgia has passed an extremely modest bill to provide protection to pastors, churches and religious groups from having to participate in a same-sex 'wedding.' Radical LGBT activists are whipping up a firestorm of protest, stripping bare their previous claims that nobody would ever be forced to support gay 'marriage' against their wishes. The NFL has tragically issued a threat that the state might not be given a future Super Bowl if Governor Nathan Deal signs the legislation into law. This type of blackmail from one of the wealthiest organizations in the country cannot be tolerated. Why should pastors and churches be forced to surrender their rights and engage in activity they consider to be wrong just to placate the demands of billionaire sports team owners? The answer is, they shouldn't. Please sign our petition to Governor Nathan Deal asking him to sign the legislation into law.

You may think that my requests do not apply to you if you do not live in North Carolina, Virginia or Georgia, but it's important that all NOM members band together at this critical time. The radicals who run the LGBT lobbying groups are pulling out all the stops — getting the NFL to oppose religious liberty is an example of that — to "nationalize" the issue and prevent legislation protecting religious freedom and the safety of girls and women from spreading. We must counter them by mobilizing every supporter of true marriage we can reach to take action.

Please, sign these petitions today and urge anyone you know who agrees with us to do the same. Thank you.


Brian S Brown

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