Vote Cruz In Arizona and Utah


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Voters go to the polls today in Arizona and Utah to make their selection in the GOP primary race for president. It's the first balloting since Sen. Marco Rubio left the race. If you live in either Arizona or Utah, please cast your ballot for Sen. Ted Cruz, a man you can trust on all the issues, and especially in the fight to restore marriage to our laws. And if you have family or friends in one of these states, please urge them to vote for Senator Cruz.

The polls show Senator Cruz with a huge lead in Utah and Donald Trump leading in Arizona but Cruz within striking distance. The lone remaining establishment candidate, Ohio Governor John Kasich, has no chance to win either state but his presence is taking votes from Cruz in Arizona. A vote for Kasich in Arizona is a vote for Donald Trump, the one candidate most likely to lose to Hilary Clinton and someone who abandoned the fight for marriage at the moment we needed leadership the most.

In addition to working hard to promote candidates who will champion the cause of marriage, NOM is fighting hard to win legal protections so that people who believe in marriage are not punished by government for living out their beliefs in their daily lives. We've all seen countless individuals and small businesses be targeted — bakers, florists, innkeepers, photographers, etc. — and threatened with financial ruin simply because they did not want to personally participate in a same-sex ceremony in violation of their deeply-held beliefs.

In order for us to continue to fight discrimination against marriage supporters, we must count on our members to renew their membership with a minimum gift of $35. If our members continue to stand with us, we will be able to continue to fight for you and every other American who knows the truth of marriage is a gift from God, one that blesses children and families, and society as a whole.

Your membership in NOM is our lifeblood. It's what allows us to fight in Congress, state legislatures, in court and in the court of public opinion. Please act today to renew your membership with a minimum $35 contribution. If you can give more than $35, I ask you to do so. Right now we are battling on your behalf in Congress and in numerous state legislatures and we need your financial support today.

Thank you for all you are doing to restore true marriage to our law and culture.


Brian S Brown

PS — Please keep in your prayers all those people who were killed or injured today in the terrorist attack in Brussels. This tragedy serves as an important reminder that the selection of the next US president is a critical choice. We need a serious candidate who will protect our nation from the scourge of Islamic extremism.

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