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Dear Marriage Supporter,

This week has NOM fighting hard for marriage and religious liberty at the national level and in states across the country. I've been on emergency conference calls all week where we're strategizing how we can help local allies in Missouri, Georgia and North Carolina advance critical legislation to protect people who believe in the sanctity of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

We're doing everything we can to help in these fights, but we are limited in what we can do because our resources are stretched thin. That is why I am asking you to step up today to renew your membership in NOM with a minimum contribution of $35. If you can afford a more generous gift, I ask you to prayerfully consider it.

Pastors, churches, religious groups and Christian small business owners are all counting on NOM being able to weigh in with both financial and grassroots assistance. Not only are we battling the forces of the left, but increasingly we're having to take on big businesses and powerful interest groups. In some cases we even have to fight incumbent Republican leaders who lack the courage to stand up for people who hold true to the historic, God-given definition of marriage and rights of religious liberty.

But we have two powerful things working in our favor: the truth, and you.

No matter what five unelected lawyers on the US Supreme Court have to say, marriage is and always will be the union of one man and one woman. The truth of marriage is not subject to judicial decree. It is completely illegitimate and anti-constitutional to declare that somewhere buried deep in the constitution is a previously unknown right to same-sex "marriage."

But now that extremist LGBT organizations have succeeded in getting a bare majority of the Supreme Court to shred the marriage laws adopted by over 50 million voters, they now want to use the law to force everyone in America to participate in this illegitimate charade they call "marriage." That is why we see countless people of faith being jailed, fined, punished and marginalized because they personally do not want to be involved in something they cannot support — same-sex 'marriage.'

Aside from having the truth of marriage on our side, our biggest weapon to counter the intolerance of our opponents is you. As a member of NOM, your prayers and financial assistance give us the ammunition we need to stand for marriage and religious liberty in these very difficult battles.

This is a critical time for you to renew your membership in NOM. We don't have billionaires contributing to us as our opponents enjoy. We are counting on you. Your contribution of a minimum of $35 is what sustains us and allows us to answer the call to fight for marriage and religious liberty whenever and wherever it is required.

Let me give you just one short example. In Missouri, Senators were considering a proposed constitutional amendment to protect churches, pastors, religious groups and individuals from having to participate in a same-sex 'wedding' or ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs. We mounted an intense grassroots mobilization to help it get out of the Senate, and now we need to focus on its passage in the House. Once it does pass, the voters of Missouri will have the opportunity to protect the rights of people to believe in the sanctity of true marriage.

I am hoping to tell all our allies around the country that a wave of membership renewals has replenished our coffers and strengthened our ability to fight alongside them. But to do that, I need to hear from you today.

Please, act right now to renew your membership in NOM with a minimum contribution of $35. We urgently need your help, and would be very grateful for it.


Brian S Brown

PS — You can join us in expressing your support for legislation to protect marriage supporters in Missouri here and in Georgia here. (An effort in the North Carolina legislature is coming soon.) Please also act today to renew your membership contribution with a minimum gift of $35 — more if you are able. Thank you.

PPS — If you have friends, neighbors, church members or family members who might also be willing to help NOM continue to fight for marriage and religious liberty, please forward this email to them and ask that they join the cause. And don't forget to share your support of NOM on your social media accounts.

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