Act Now To Protect Your Religious Liberty


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Georgia legislature is considering enacting critical legislation that would protect citizens’ fundamental rights from unreasonable and unnecessary government coercion against religious expression. Please act today by signing our petition to protect your religious liberty rights!

Three years in a row Georgia lawmakers have considered legislation that would protect religious freedom and expression and three years in a row no substantial protection for religious freedom has been passed. Tell the legislature it’s time to act! Ask Governor Nathan Deal, Senate President Pro Tempore David Shafer and other legislative leaders to support passage of this critically important legislation!

This legislation would be essentially a state-level version of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act which has been on the books for years and prohibits substantial government burdens on religious exercise unless the federal government can show a compelling interest in burdening religious liberty and does so through the least restrictive means. We need similar protections regarding state and local actions. The left is going crazy with all kinds of false claims and hypothetical problems, none of which have occurred under the federal law and won’t occur in Georgia either.

All this legislation does is provide a check and balance against local and state government overreach, protecting churches, pastors, religious groups and individuals from inappropriate government interference and coercion. The people of Georgia should be free to serve God without fear that they may be harassed by local or the state government.

Please act today to urge state leaders including Senate President David Shafer and Governor Nathan Deal to support religious liberty in Georgia. Voice your opinion now!

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Brian S Brown

Act Today

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