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Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, NOM has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz in the race for president. NOM has a large and diverse membership and some of our members support Donald Trump, although the vast majority of people agree with us that Sen. Cruz is the best candidate for marriage. Developments over this past weekend help to help illustrate why Cruz is the preferable candidate:

At a press conference on Saturday night, a reporter asked Donald Trump whether he favors 'marriage' rights for same-sex couples and whether his appointees to the US Supreme Court would be expected to overturn the US Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation. Trump refused to answer the question despite being pressed, claiming that his position is "well known" and he's explained it "150 times." However, as the Daily Mail reporter noted, Trump has never answered this direct question and said unequivocally whether he favors or opposes marriage rights for same-sex couples. Rather, Trump has "taken both sides in the battle over the Supreme Court's landmark decision legalizing gay unions." The article suggested that Trump may be seeking to maintain flexibility on the issue in order to "stake out a more centrist position in a general election..."

This exchange represents our concerns about Donald Trump. He has refused to sign NOM's Presidential Marriage Pledge, he called the Supreme Court ruling "the law of the land," said "you have to go with it" and flatly refuses to tell Americans whether he would work to overturn the ruling including by appointing justices expect to reverse the ruling.

In contrast to Mr. Trump, Ted Cruz wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday where he decried the Supreme Court ruling on gay 'marriage' and used it as an example of why the Senate should wait until the people vote for president to consider any nominee to the Court. Cruz has signed NOM's marriage pledge, and he's the author of a proposed constitutional amendment to restore the power to states to define marriage as one man and one woman. Mr. Trump has refused to support this proposed amendment.

Contested elections force people to make choices, and the choice for president if you believe in the truth of marriage and the importance of religious liberty could not be starker: Ted Cruz is a proven marriage champion while Donald Trump has failed the test of leadership.

NOM is working hard to advance marriage as a critical issue during the presidential contest because this is the quickest way to reverse the anti-constitutional ruling of the Supreme Court. Our ability to keep pressing this issue with the candidates and in the court of public opinion, however, depends entirely on the support we receive from you, our members.

Regardless of which candidate you are supporting, I hope you will agree that continuing to advocate for the truth of marriage is important. I ask you to renew your membership in NOM with a contribution of $35 or more.

We do not enjoy the support of billionaires and Wall Street titans. We depend on small contributions from average Americans. Renewing your membership is critical if we are to be an effective advocate for marriage. Please act today with a minimum contribution of $35. If you can afford to give more, please do so.

If Ted Cruz emerges as the Republican nominee (he is now fewer than 100 delegates behind Donald Trump) we will have a proven champion to whom we can give full-throated support. If Donald Trump secures the nomination, then we have a challenge to educate him about the importance of restoring marriage to our nation's laws. Either way, our work is critical, and we are counting on your continued support to conduct.

If you have already renewed your membership with a minimum $35 gift, thank you! But if you haven't yet renewed, I ask you to do so today so that we can continue to be an effective and tireless advocate for the truth of marriage.

Thank you for your support!


Brian S Brown

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