URGENT: South Dakota Legislature Must Override Gov. Daugaard Veto of Bathroom Privacy and Safety Bill


Dear Marriage Supporter,

In a tragic act, Governor Dennis Daugaard has vetoed common-sense legislation to protect the privacy and safety of children in public school in the most intimate of facilities — restrooms, locker rooms and showers. Gov. Daugaard's veto of HB 1008 puts girls at risk of being confronted by biological males who claim a "gender identity" with the opposite sex. Those who object to having their privacy and safety compromised could find themselves targeted for "discrimination."

Please sign our petition urging the Legislature to override this shameful veto of common-sense legislation designed to protect South Dakota's school children while also ensuring that transgender students are accommodated and respected.

Gay and lesbian activists, the ACLU and the left have attempted to create a media firestorm about this legislation and it is sad that Gov. Daugaard succumbed to their pressure. All that this bill does is ensure that gender specific facilities are used by those of that biological gender.

Please act today and sign this petition urging your legislators to override Governor Daugaard's tragic veto and stand up for children in our public schools.


Brian S Brown

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