URGENT: Act Today To Protect Religious Liberty


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I am writing to ask you to urgently act today in support of crucial legislation to protect freedom of religion and freedom from government interference with the exercise of religious beliefs. Please act immediately to sign our petition now.

The West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act ensures that people of all faiths in West Virginia will have the right to live out their beliefs at home, in worship and at work without fear of improper government coercion or punishment. It provides a fair process and balancing test when religious liberty rights conflict with the rule of law. In such a circumstance, before the government can compel someone to violate their deeply-held religious beliefs, it must establish that doing so serves a compelling governmental interest and is the least intrusive way possible to achieve that objective.

This legislation is very modest. It does not create any exemptions or loopholes for people of faith; it merely allows people to have a hearing and force the government to justify its position before it can impose it.

Please sign our petition immediately so that Governor Earl Tomblin, House Speaker Tim Armsted, and Senate President Bill Cole hear from you that you stand with your fellow citizens in support of religious freedom.


Brian S Brown

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