URGENT: Contact Gov. Daugaard Today


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The state of South Dakota is on the verge of leading the nation in a very good way to protect the privacy and safety of boys and girls in their bathrooms and locker rooms.

But your voice to the governor is urgently needed right now, as he has still not decided if he will sign or veto this important bill.

All over the country, the transgender movement has been pushing to open up any bathroom or locker room to anyone, regardless of their biological gender. Now, this liberal ideology has reached schools risking the privacy and safety of our children. Imagine if your daughter or granddaughter was confronted in the showers or lockers with a biological male showering or undressing next to her. According to transgender ideology, if she expressed being uncomfortable she would be guilty of discrimination and could be punished!

In response, the South Dakota state legislature has passed a common-sense bill (HB 1008) that requires schools to protect the privacy of students while also providing accommodation for any transgender student.

As you've probably heard, the Left has stirred up a media firestorm and are pouring calls into the governor's office urging him to veto this bill.

Here's what you can do:

Thank you for taking action today! Together we can make a difference to protect the privacy and safety of our children and grandchildren in intimate facilities including locker rooms and bathrooms.


Brian S Brown

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