Super Tuesday is Critical


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday where 12 states vote in primaries and caucuses for the Republican presidential nomination. This is an extremely important milestone along the path to the election. Nearly 600 delegates are at stake, about a quarter of those needed to secure the nomination. Here are the states that vote on Super Tuesday:

Alabama (P)

Oklahoma (P)

Alaska (C)

Tennessee (P)

Arkansas (P)

Texas (P)

Georgia (P)

Vermont (P)

Massachusetts (P)

Virginia (P)

Minnesota (C)

Wyoming (C)

P = Primary Election; C = Caucus

The outcome of voting on Super Tuesday is critical. If you live in one of these states, NOM urges you to cast your ballot for Sen. Ted Cruz. He is a proven marriage champion who will fight to restore marriage to our nation's laws and protect the religious liberty rights of all Americans who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Senator Cruz has signed NOM's presidential pledge making specific commitments to fight for marriage as president.

If you have friends or family who live in one of these states, please reach out to them and ask them to support Senator Cruz.

Delegates in all these states are assigned proportionately. Polling in these contests is nowhere near as extensive as we've seen in previous states. What polling exists shows Sen. Cruz leading in two states, including in Texas, and within a few points of Donald Trump in several other states. Trump leads in a majority of states, but the situation is very fluid.

Please, do everything you can to propel Senator Cruz forward by casting your own ballot for him if you live in a Super Tuesday state, or by urging your family or friends in those states to do so. By winning in Texas and perhaps elsewhere, and holding his own in the other states, Senator Cruz can firmly stake a claim as the conservative alternative to Donald Trump, and be in a position to pick up the supporters of candidates who will inevitably be forced to leave the race soon.

NOM is fighting hard to ensure that a proven marriage champion like Sen. Ted Cruz emerges as the Republican nominee because this is the most expeditious route to restoring marriage to our national laws. The next president will be able to appoint as many as three or four justices to the US Supreme Court who could vote to reverse the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling redefining marriage.

Please help NOM fight for marriage and the religious liberty rights of all Americans who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 or more will enable us to continue our leadership in the battle for the truth of marriage, and the rights of the majority of Americans who continue to believe in marriage.


Brian S Brown

PS — If you live in a Super Tuesday state, please support Sen. Ted Cruz. If you have family members or friends in one of the states that vote tomorrow, please reach out to them to ask them to vote for Senator Cruz. Thank you.

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