Brian Sandoval Makes Our Point


Dear Marriage Supporter,

In a brazen attempt to get away with making another appointment to the US Supreme Court to complete his attempt to shift the court dangerously to the left, President Obama's administration leaked the fact that he was considering nominating the Republican governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, to fill the vacancy created with Justice Antonin Scalia's untimely death.

After first telling the media that he would be "honored" to be considered for the Court, and then meeting with Harry Reid who promptly promoted his prospective nomination, Sandoval now says he's not interested. Still, his prospective nomination serves as an important lesson why it's so critical that the US Senate refuse to consider seating any nominee from President Obama.

Our work to help elect a Republican Senate over the last several election cycles, especially during the critical 2014 races where the GOP captured control of the Senate is a key factor in why Obama will not succeed in his goal of moving the Court to the left, perhaps for generations to come. Our work to help support pro-marriage candidates who won was possible only because you gave of your time and resources. I'm asking you to make a contribution today of $15, $25, $50, $100, or $500 or more so that we have the resources we need this year to hold the line against president Obama's attempts to secure another appointment to the Supreme Court.

To a Washington liberal like Obama, the nomination of someone like Republican Sandoval seems like a brilliant political calculation. By putting Republican Senators in the position of rejecting a fellow member of their own party, Senators in tough reelection campaigns might subject themselves to charges of rank partisanship and refusing to put the interests of the country ahead of their own political agenda. But such a view is easily refuted. Indeed, it's the interests of the country why someone like Brian Sandoval should not be considered and why the Scalia seat should be filled by the next president, not Barack Obama.

Sandoval would follow a long line of Republicans who, once safely on the Supreme Court with a lifetime appointment and no way of holding them accountable, abandoned principles and decided to take the law into their own hands rather than follow the dictates of the constitution. Anthony Kennedy is an example of this. He's invented "constitutional rights" to redefine marriage and advance the gay agenda. Then there is the disastrous David Souter who upheld Roe v Wade, rejected informed consent for women seeking an abortion, allowed the government to seize private property for developers, and voted with the ACLU and against religious liberty. And don't forget that three of the seven justices in the majority of the utterly illegitimate Roe ruling were Republicans and five of them were appointed by Republican presidents!

Brian Sandoval is an avowed supporter of abortion. He has vigorously embraced Obamacare and is pushing it forward in Nevada. And on marriage, he's been a disaster, the worst example of betrayal possible.

Here's how bad Brian Sandoval is when it comes to fighting for marriage. The Nevada marriage amendment was challenged in Court by gay activists where it was upheld by a federal judge. Then when the victory was appealed, Sandoval dropped his defense of the voters' overwhelming approval of traditional marriage, lamely claiming that an unrelated case meant he would lose. But Sandoval's position wasn't legally justified — it was entirely political. He wanted same-sex marriage to move forward and he threw in the towel to get that result. It was despicable.

NOM is fighting to make sure that the next appointment to the US Supreme Court is not someone like Brian Sandoval, or the liberal Republicans who gave us the Roe ruling which has resulted in 60 million preborn children being killed in the womb. To be successful we have to elect true conservatives to office and then hold them accountable. That is why it is so important that we have the financial resources we need to make a difference.

Please act today with a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $500 or more so that we can continue to fight to ensure the US Supreme Court is not shifted dangerously to the left by President Obama and that the next president appoints constitutionalists to the Court who will follow Justice Scalia's lead and overrule the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling that redefined marriage.

Thank you for your support!


Brian S Brown

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